Greenworks Cordless 8-Inch Pole Saw

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After returnign from Europe, my girlfriend is constantly bugging me to install a bidet. To teach her a lesson, I might get her this instead. It amuses me to confuse her…

Getting it for my zombie kit.

huh huh huh it says “8 inch pole” huh huh

I have the corded version of this… we really like using it around our house, and our neighbors house(s)…

uhhh…you confused me this too. you going to install this in your bathroom? lol


can it saw thru a 8" or 16" branch w/o burning out, getting stuck or the battery die off?

I think I would be very afraid of what she might use it for…

Its a zombie pike! Excellent!

Of course not. But it’s only $69. That’s practically free. A 20v lithium ion battery and charger costs that much. It’s a light duty saw for small branches. And it’s a steal at this price.

What is so funny about short people from Poland?

So when the battery dies since they are only providing one and the saw gets stuck half way thru a branch, do you just wait for the battery to recharge to unstuck the saw?

Shouldn’t that be 8 FOOT po1e saw?

No, While it is charging the FIRST time you learn how to properly/safely use a chain saw to avoid having that happen in the first place. It’s physics - try not to become a statistic…and one of my patients in the ER.

Wow what a great question! I’d like to know this as well because I’m thinking of buying two of these and starting my own logging company and pitching a reality TV series maybe “Lithium Lumber Man”. Hope we get an answer to your great question because just looking at this $70 saw one would think you could drop a giant redwood on one battery charge.

The saw is 8 inches

Even has it in the specs too!

“•8-Inch steel bar and chain makes this a durable tool for those hard to reach quick trimming jobs”

In for 1. It’s a 8 inch chainsaw on an 8 ft pole but you shouldn’t cut an 8 inch tree limb with it or other appendages. Think 2 to 1 ratio at most. 4 inch tree limbs or less…and you really shouldn’t be under the branch when you cut it…it will retaliate.