Greenworks Elite Mowers

Greenworks Elite Mowers

Dom: I wanna show you something…
Brian: WOW!
Dom: Me and my dad built her, 40 Volts of electric muscle*, it’s a beast.* You know what she mowed in Palmdale?
Brian: No what did she mow?
Dom: 9 sec. flat
Brian: God
Dom: My dad was cutting the grass with so much torque the chassis twisted coming off the sidewalk. He barely kept her on the lawn.
Brian: So what’s you’re best cut?
Dom: Nah I’ve never ran her
Brian: Why not?
Dom: Scares the clippings out of me…


Anyone able to comment and compare this “Greenworks Elite 40V 21” Brushless Self-Propelled Mower" to the “RYOBI 40V 20” Brushless Self-Propelled" ?

That would be very helpful if we could get a comparison!


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This listing says one 6AH 40 volt battery included. Greenworks website lists no such battery. 5AH availability. Please respond

Hi there. Did you look at Greenworks Elite?

Noticed this is Greenworks ‘Elite’, a new release, not the MO40L02 G-Max version. Does anyone know if the battery/charger is interchangeable? I have other Greenworks 40V products, and would really love to know the answer. Couldn’t find much via Google. Thanks in advance.

I own a Greenworks chainsaw and weed wacker. These tools are for extremely light duty only - light duty being a very small lawn or one in which you stay on top of at least once a week, the latter probably more importantly as well as keeping the blade ultra sharp. Look at their feature video - that grass isn’t very tall. There’s a reason for that.

The usability of battery powered outdoor tools vary from tool to tool depending on what you need from it. I love my weed wacker since I only use it for trimming grass around my fence line that isn’t very thick and it saves me from mixing 2-cycle fuel and startup difficulty, but I regret the electric chainsaw. My saw can cut smaller tree limbs for quite a while, but if I’m trying to cut through a thick tree trunks, I’ll maybe get one or two very slow cuts and then my battery is empty.

There’s a reason why this mower holds a spare battery in the main compartment - it’s probably not an optional purchase for an average size lawn. I’d probably recommend against the self-propelled model for the same reason: you’re wasting valuable juice that you’re going to need for mowing on propelling something that isn’t too heavy to push.

I suppose if I expected to use the weed wacker to clear a field of tall grass, I’d be just as disappointed as I am in the mower. Gas weed wackers are all 2-cycle engines however, so it’s an extra nuisance and expense to mix fuel and oil to run it.

Also, ethanol blended gasoline wreaks havoc on small engines carburetors. Make sure you run your equipment dry of fuel at the end of each season and ideally, find a gas station that sells ethanol-free gasoline. It’s more expensive, but it’s totally worth it for any kind of seasonal outdoor equipment. My gas lawnmower is 4 years old and starts on 2-3 pulls after sitting all winter.

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I have one of these. Maybe not this exact model, but the previous model which looks nearly identical.

All I can say is: I wish it was better. A single battery lasts about 25 minutes. And the lowest setting for the lawnmower is not very low at all.