GreenWorks Enhanced 24V Li-Ion Chainsaw

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GreenWorks Enhanced 24V Li-Ion Chainsaw
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How long does the charge really last on this? Three cuts?

Time to check out the product page

You can cut for quite a while. Maybe an hour(?) before the battery dies. It lasts longer than I do in any event.

There is one issue I don’t like about it though. You have to drain the chain oil before you put it up for the day. If you don’t, it leaks out all over.

Also, if you try cutting anything ~4" or larger, it might hang up a bit. Less than I expected though.

I own a green works snowblower, and their support and parts are affordable and easy to acquire. I have been able to call them up and order whatever I need to keep my bower in tip top shape.

It may be mostly plastic but it works plain and simply.

The great thing about electric tools is that you know they will start!

I need a chainsaw as it happens, and if this is even half as reliable as my snowblower then I am in.

Looks like an AT-ST

…with a woody.

waiting on more 24V ryobi stuff to pop up again :confused: need mooaarrr !

I have the chainsaw on a stick version and like it.

bought one and enjoy having some battery operated garden tools for light outdoor work. Also have a gas operated chain saw for bigger jobs.

I definitely agree. I bought two here last mid-Dec. and they have been great (Only trouble I had was I put them aside waiting for early spring to arrive and when I opened them, imagine my surprise at finding that the charger had ROUND PRONGS (aka Euro style) tips on the end, not flat blades (a la US type). Contacted woot, and they were VERY good about helping me get that fixed.)
Don’t know about this specific model, but so far I trimmed back/pruned 3 apple trees, a pear tree, a 20 foot tall chaste lilac, and 2 HUGE figs. I think I only charged it up twice in the process, and it handled anything I threw at it with ease. I like having the extra battery to swap out, as well as the extra pole…
Comment about oil leak sounds right in that mine does the same, but then, my cordless Ryobi (not-on-a-stick version) does too.
I have a Stihl I use if I need to cut anything bigger than 3-4 inches, but Li-on tools (blower, string trimmer, chainsaw(s), are my go-to for almost all my yard work now. I even have a small cordless/battery mower for trimming areas I can’t get the riding mower into, and recently bought the B&D (corded) tiller from woot (which works well for a smallish garden plot by the way).

probation for this?why? I’m new but might not stay if probation exists arbitrarily.

It would be great if this battery also worked in my 24v Ryobi string trimmer.

I’ll probably get the chainsaw anyway, I got a bunch of pine logs on Freecycle and they were a bit larger than I expected.

You overlooked the link leading to the post that resulted in probation.

I have this saw and will confirm the other response to your question–this saw will surprise you with how long it will cut on a charge. I have 3 Austrian pines; I decided to remove the bottom layer of branches to let the lawn underneath get a bit more sun. I spent an hour or so cutting branches up to 4 inches thick. I used the 3-cut method, so the saw got quite a workout. At the end of that hour the battery still showed 3 lights (out of 4) on its status bar.

Furthermore, since it uses a lithium battery, the battery holds a charge well while in storage, and the battery strength stays high while its being used.

This saw is made well and works well.

The specs list 6.9 pounds as the weight. Is this with or without the battery?

Just seems that adding the extra weight of a battery would make it unwieldy. Though I suppose gas isn’t exactly light either.

I read reviews all over the place (amazon, vendor etc) to my amazement EVERYONE praised the battery (lasting around 1 hr more or less depending on load) - they also praised the cut (3-4 inch trees)

the one negative comment I saw several times was that the chain tensioner knob is plastic instead of metal, and can strip on you, so I located the part and ordered one ahead of time, is $3 bucks here.

for my expected use 1 hr battery charge should be plenty, but if it’s not, then I found a spare battery which normally retails for about $85 sold halfprice at $35, here

On the saw itself: being able to use it on command (no starting) and not having to worry about cords (tripping or cutting it) at a discount price, seems like a plus to me. good woot.

Electric saws have their downsides, but it’s nice to not have to listen to a idling chainsaw or breathe exhaust if you don’t have to.

Also, since they don’t idle like a gas saw, it’s not draining the battery (as much) unless you’re using it, and most cuts only take a few seconds.


I have a 10" and 12" Greenworks cordless chainsaw and I think they’re very good. They hold their charge well over long periods of time and I’ve never run out of battery on a single use (I cut for a couple hours at a time). I have a bit of a jungle in my backyard and I’ve cut down a couple trees (under 12" diameter) and cut up some downed tree trunks - probably more than it’s supposed to do. The only gripe is the bar oil will leak but apparently other chain saws do this too so I guess it’s not that bad. Just set it on a thick piece of cardboard or something.

One other thing, it does sometimes take a while to cut through the wood (opposed to other mighty gas chainsaws) but it does do the job. It’s pretty quiet, too.

Aww… Gotta clean up some tree branches snapped after the storm . Just bought a Craftsman 18’/44cc yesterday ,still not open box yet .

Now I see this ,this should be good for home use yardworks . Arrgg. Should I or shouldn’t I ?