GreenWorks Enhanced 24V Li-Ion Chainsaw

The battery you linked as a spare won’t work with this chainsaw. That was the older 24v battery line from Greenworks. They have 3 different 24v battery lines, which can be confusing. There is the older 24v lithium ion, the Enhanced 24v lithium ion (what this saw uses), and then the G24 lithium ion. None of those are interchangeable because they modify the battery connections to be slightly different. I just bought a whole line of tools from them (trimmer, hedgers, blower, and this saw) and was bummed out to see that they discontinued the 24v enhanced line and replaced it with the G24 line.

If you’re looking for a spare battery, it has to be the Enhanced 24v battery. The Greenworks item number is 29722 (can be found on amazon). Their spec page says that batteries 29722 or 29732 works with their 24v enhanced lines, however, the 29732 battery was never actually put into production. It was supposed to be the 4ah version of the battery, but since they discontinued the line and went with the G24, I doubt we will ever see anything other than the 2ah 29722 version.

Hope that helps with the battery confusion.

Not compatible with the hedge trimmer 24v Found out the hard way. Fine print shouldn’t be fine, and at that, should clearly state not compatible with hedge trimmer. What else not compatible with ?

I received my chainsaw and used it to cut up a fallen tree. I can’t agree with the other comments about battery life. Running pretty much continuously, the 44W battery lasted about 15 minutes. When it died, it was warm to the touch, and the charger would not charge it (orange light indicating it was too hot - wait 30 minutes). Then about 2 hours to charge it, so plan on about 15 minutes cutting every 3 hours.