Greenworks: Trimmin' & Cuttin'

the 24v trimmer is tool only?? that mean no battery right?

Let me get this straight. The tools come with no battery and no charger. That’s good, because we don’t end up paying for 6 chargers if we want 6 tools.

And you sell the charger separately. That’s good, because without the charger we’re merde out of luck.

And you don’t sell the battery at all. That’s totally merdey.

Correct- you will need to buy the battery & charger separately.

ok ok, i see what you did there, and i fell for it, cause it was a good deal and i am in need.

i got the hedge trimmer, charger, and weed wacker here, for 102 with shipping…then still needed a battery. Oh look amazon sells one, 60 bucks with my free prime shipping. Now only if Woot! honored the amazon prime shipping!

22-inch dual action steel blade for precision cutting
2/3-inch cutting capacity gets through most hedges and bushes with ease

Really impressive! I had no idea that a blower could cut through hedges like that!

I guess we should send in our man card when buying any of these?

We’re not in the business of removing your gender, so don’t worry.

I bought this one on a woot a ways back (for a few bucks less, actually):

(1) Greenworks 22632A 40-Volt Rotating Cordless Hedge Trimmer
4.0ah Battery

That’s the $109 one.

I needed a trimmer badly and wasn’t sure this was up to the task, but the price was right.

This thing does a better job than my gas powered one did. It doesn’t sound like it revs very high, but man does it have torque to cut. Battery life seems to be a non issue too. I have a lot of hedges that’ll take me over an hour to cut, and I only ran it down 1/2 way once. Even for a few bucks more, this is a good price for what seems to be a surprisingly good hedge cutter.

Man card, schman card. I own four 40v Ryobi tools (hedge trimmer, weed whacker, chainsaw, blower) and they’re friggin awesome. Plug ‘n’ play, and while they’re not quite as powerful as gas, they’re damn close and plenty powerful for managing my half-acre lot. I have yet to drain the one battery I own even after hours of use with multiple tools.

My neighbor is a tool freak and has all the top-of-the-line gas stuff, but he’s been pretty shocked with the performance of my 40v arsenal.

Purchased the chain saw a couple weeks back when previously offered on Woot. Ran for maybe 30 seconds, then simply died. No power, no anything. Woot said to contact the manufacturer, which I still have to do.

I have the pole chain saw offered a few months ago, and that one works beautifully. Bottom line, when they work, they work really well. When they don’t; not so much.

Wish this was Ryobi… bought TWO trimmers the last two woot’s that had them… one for me, one for the spare battery so I can start collecting the other batteryless-refurbs.

I know its not the same brand, but it’s the 40V and wow… I was impressed. If you do get a trimmer, do yourself a favor and replace the string with some manly string… it makes ALL the difference in the world and will save you from throwing your new trimmer away thinking “man this battery power stuff is crap!”… no… no… it’s the string!

With the 40V trimmer, I edged my long overgrown front yard, then trimmed the overgrown fences, around the house, trees, etc. I then trimmed almost my entire 12x12 patio and the battery ran out with about 4 square feet left to do (patio was COMPLETELY overgrown (pavers) so it had a LOT of work to do).

I was REALLY impressed. I would say I got about an hour and a half or so of HEAVY HEAVY use out of it, and it performed better than my crappy ryobi gas trimmer.

I bought my 40V to replace my gas trimmer as I didn’t have the $$ to buy the real man’s Stihl brand that I wanted. Now I can get all the other pieces for it when they show up and have extra batteries to go with them for the same price as just the gas powerhead that I was going to purchase.


I bought this trimmer 24 volt. I got it today and was in shock, suppose to be new in box. On arrival the box was torn open, label had been peeled off side and no instructions included. Here are the pics

Oh man, I’m so sorry about that, have you already written into

no, but i will

also, there was no battery and home charger as advertised, see below


GreenWorks 22632A 40-Volt 4.0ah Hedge Trimmer
Hmmm- States in specs:

In the box:

(1) GreenWorks 22632A Gen1 40V 24-Inch Hedge Trimmer
40V 4 AH Battery and Charger

So… Something needs to be corrected & /or clarified

Does the battery that comes with the 24 volt, 10" chainsaw fit the 24 volt hedge trimmer?

@agingdragqueen was referring to a different model. Sorry for the confusion.

Hi folks. I am going to answer my own question. Aftger doing extensive outside research and after combing through all the technical journals and doctoral thesis’ on this subject, the answer is yes. The 24 volt battery that comes with the 10" chainsaw does fit on and run the 24 volt hedge trimmer.