Greenworks: Trimmin' & Cuttin'

I bought one of these last time on WOOT…it came with the battery for $49.95…I really like it. About a week later they offered just the tool, like the one above for $29.95…so I bought it…gee it has gone up…???..and with no battery… Overall it works great…the reason I just bought the tool was to add another section to the pole for more distance and to have a back up chainsaw…very happy with the product…it a safe way to trim your trees and to stay off of ladders. If you get a deal on the battery buy it…

This is model 22282, so it includes the battery charger, and the high end 4Ah battery (which cost more than the this bundle by itself).

Edit: Just realize all the greenworks items lead to the same discussion. What tool are you talking about?

I have the Greenworks 40 volt pole saw and leaf blower. Both are good tools with plenty of power and runtime for me.

Be aware that GMAX batteries and tools are not compatible with the older 40 volt batteries and tools.

I opened my Greenworks trimmer model 22352 and there wasn’t a battery or charger in the box? Contents list indicates battery and charger included.

Have you contacted Customer Service?
They should be able to sort that out, but let us know if you have any other specific questions.