Greetings from Hawkins

Love the ‘Greetings From’ series. Nice one!

Check out the close-up image. The popping colors and character details are very cool.

I love the intricate layering, Sebasebi. It looks so simple at first glance; and gets more intricate the more I stare at it.

Right? Took me a minute to recognize Ft Byers and blindfolded El, but they are indeed a nice touch!

AHHHHH!!! What happened to the prices of Woot Shirts!!! They have double in cost. I could except a price hike to $10 or $11 bucks, but $15??? Getting a cool or quirky shirt for $7 or $8 bucks is what made it possible for me to buy so many. That reasonable price is what made woot stand out above the rest of the online t-shirt sellers. Now they are just like all the rest. I would like to buy this shirt but not for $15. BOOO!!! It is a sad shirt day…looks like no more woot t-shirts for me and my friends and family.

The quality of my last few woot shirt orders had dropped dramatically so I wasn’t buying more woot shirts anyways. I’d definitely reconsider if the quality has gone up enough to justify the price hike.

I was recently looking at the “Life is good” shirts and they’re priced from $9.99 - $28 with not a lot of choices and nothing remotely close to the nerdier side of life that I prefer and is available here. Like with most things, you get what you pay for. Here’s to hoping the quality of woot shirts has improved enough to warrant future purchases.

Ditto. I stopped by because of the new free shipping with Amazon. Then I realized they went nuts raising the price of shirts… I’m so sad, I’m not paying $15 a shirt, or at least not buying nearly as many as I used to…

Hi there. You can read about the price change and new standard/classic blanks here.

… the free express amazon shipping’s pretty cool though, great shirt today congrats Sebasebi

Now I get it. Being a Prime member I would have been getting free shipping on shirts if the “shipping included” pricing change hadn’t been made. And we couldn’t have that now, could we?

Except when it has been almost a week and your shirt status is still “preparing for shipment.” I was excited to order the shirt on Tuesday and get it by Saturday, except it is now the following Monday and it still hasn’t shipped.