Greetings from Krampus!


The woot story, which is mostly if not completely true, is better than the shirt which feels like it is missing something to me.


This shirt brings a whole new and scarier meaning to the whole “you better watch out, you better not cry…” section of Santa Claus is coming to town.


This shirt is ridiculously unrealistic. Look at the chains on the manacles. The last link is still in one piece; it can’t have been severed. Really now.


I really like the details on this one that create an interesting backstory…like why does he have shackles on his wrists? Has he broken free of St. Nick and now he is on a rampage? I think I need this shirt as a conversation piece.


Screw cookies for Santa! I’m leaving out a plate of raw steak for that scary friend of his.


I offer for your enjoyment a companion piece by David Sedaris about European Christmas traditions entitled Six to Eight Black Men.


Inspired from Kokopelli?


I bought this shirt less than 30 seconds after seeing it, which was about 10 seconds after one of my friends shrieked at me over IM to check shirt.woot.

I love Krampus, Switches, and MissMonster. Not necessarily in that order.


Silly, the links which once connected to the rest of the manacle were the ones that were severed.


This shirt is awesome.

Grats on the print. In for one! =D


An incubus? So not only do you not get presents, you get raped by some sort of demonic goat. I was just going to make a joke about where the naughty kids get their coal stuffed, but dang. There’s definately going to be a fire in my chimney this year.


I’m not happy that Woot deviated from their normal practice of having the actual shirt color name in the “We Call This Color” section. The shirt color is red, not crimson. I mean, maybe they are really starting to run out of clever ways to say the same colors over and over. If so, that’s sad. Otherwise, there’s no reason to deviate from the established policies.


An open chain link would fall off, wouldn’t it? Really now.

Anyway, great write up Woot. Hope you guys dig it!


I can’t begin to describe how different this is from Kokopelli.


Is he related to Gene Simmons from Kiss? You know, with that tongue and all. It might be genetic.


KRAMPUS! I need this shirt like I need a Krampus beating. Actually, I do need this to flaunt in my Swiss mother’s face!


We call this color: Khristmas Krampus Krimson

Hey, what gives? At least there aren’t any white robes or grand dragons in the design.


Hello, post egg nog nightmare…'round here we have Belsnickel, fur covered but benign, acc to Wikipedia ( and I quote :

“In Pennsylvania Dutch communities, it is also a mythical being who visits children at Christmas time. If they have not been good, they will find coal and/or switches in their stockings. The Belsnickel was a scary creature not well loved except by parents wanting to keep their children in line.
Belsnickel is similar to Krampus in Austria legend, except compared to Krampus, Belsnickel is rather benign.”


I wasn’t really interested until I read the story but… I even paid for fast shipping so I can wear it on Thursday. I think it will be more fun to snicker and not explain it.


But they should at least be DAMAGED. :stuck_out_tongue:

It really is awesome, although now that I know what a Krampus is I kind of wish I didn’t.