Gridiron Ale

Congrats on the print acraigl! Would prefer this in a green for the eagles today, but a nice choice by woot. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Editor’s Choice!
I assure everyone the colors are coincidental and meant to play off the NFL logo, not a specific team in today’s match up.

It would be very un-woot-like to feature a shirt that showed favoritism for or against a specific side.

Too soon? :slight_smile:

Congrats on the choic for SuperBowl Sunday! You’re a football all star now!

And don’t worry about favoritism. We all know you’re an eagles fan!

Why does Woot always sells shirts on the day of or a couple days before the current event? I would love to see them offered with enough time for them to be worn on the day of the event. This would be a shirt I would want to wear today (or during the season). They have it figured out with holiday shirts, so why can’t they figure it out with others?

Go Birds!

Agree, but it still works for next season. After all, training camp is only 5 months away. :slight_smile:

This is true.

In the mean time; FLY EAGLES FLY!

Didn’t you guys know? The game is fixed

Patriots will win with a come from behind victory with several questionable referee calls in favor of their pretty boy Brady…

This was part of the sports derby (which was a couple weeks ago). Woot does plan in advanced, but you’ll have to check the side sales so find all the awesome designs. (ie. Right now they have a bunch of valentine’s shirts!)

I don’t really follow football (bc it’s not hockey), but I do appreciate good art:


Also this:

Since not much else is going on here, I wanted to remind the few visitors we have today to go vote in the derby and help decide what shirts appear here.

I have 4 entries in there as well, they’re in my signature, below. Thanks!

Any with penguins? Woot doesn’t have enough penguin themed designs, which is a shame.

(Rhetorical question, since I already know the answer.)

This, but there’s some penguin shirts in the CATalog too


Nice! I knew this one had to be planned for something special when I didn’t see it in the EC sale. Congrats on the feature!

Congrats sir! :slight_smile:

They planned, in advance, to have a football themed shirt on the very last day of the football post season?

My bad; I assumed it was in the Editor’s Choice sale a couple weeks ago. I remembered it finishing top 9.