Griffin Rugs: Half Eagle, Half Rug

Here’s my question. In the feature description of the rug, it states that colors are a range of neutral hues like ivory, taupe, silvery sage, etc. But in the “specifications” section it says “Griffin Abstract Multi/Blue Rug.” So which is it, neutral or blue?

My favorite thing about rugs from Egypt is how they freely admit they use child labor by calling the rug factories “carpet schools”. This is from the website of one of the more internationally-known rug manufacturers from the main rug-producting region Sakkara: “children learn and produce mostly naïve simple tapestry, rugs, kelims and carpets which became an important world-wide export products.” I don’t know if those same kids made these rugs, but I sure hope so. At this price, unfortunately, a machine probably made it, taking jobs away from those poor out-of-work children.

The first para of the features is describing the Brentwood collection of carpets. The one we are selling is ivory & blue as noted and shown in the photo.

Ok, thanks!

We we have any idea about the VOCs of these rugs?

I’m trying to be all healthy and crap.