Griffin Technology Sansa e200 Series Accessory Bundle

what makes woot think we have sansas?

lol i have 2

Dang. I only have the c250. They kind of look like they can fit the c series…anybody know for sure?

Who on woot doesn’t have a sansa? L0L

seems a bit overpriced, but whats Mirrored Case for? its not see through?

Nifty. Even when Woot isn’t selling Sansas, they’re selling Sansas.

Very happy with my sansa’s
looking forward to preventing the screen from scratching worse
and the armband will come in handy.

Saw clearcase for sansa at the shack for about this same price (maybe different vendor), but the shack isn’t known for it’s prices.

Like, I have gazillion woot-purchased Sansas, but none are e-series. So, do I pass on this deal, or buy it and wait for the sale of an e-series Sansa? Decisions, decisions.

For once I get excited about a Sansa, as I could use one, yet it ends up not being a Sansa after all. :frowning:

I think it’s WOOTS responsibilty to keep us in Sansa paraphernalia, after-all they are the ones that got us hooked in the first place

Read the detailed description at the bottom of the write-up…specifically the second bullet point:

Reflect for Sansa
* Mirrored protective case
* Sansa screen though though reflective faceplate when active

somehow even at $10 this seems not to be cheap, but this IS cheaper than the $20 that each of these items goes for individually on amazon. A case would be nice… In for one/four.


btw anyone know if these are any good?

LOL I would have never even known of Sansa until Woot brought me to them. Now I’m a devotee! I never wanted a Ipod, and suffered through some memorex and other various brands before grabbing my first sansa on Woot!

This is awesome, since i bought my Sansa (off of Woot of course) I haven’t been able to find a case for it anywhere (stupid iPod’s taking up a whole section)! Way to go woot, now I just need the alarm clock!

Since when is a magnetic closure a good thing to have around computers and electronics? Is flash RAM that insensitive, or would I zap the microSDs I got from W00t a while back every time I close the case?

Same here, have gone everywhere looking for cases, and just when I thought there was no hope, viola!

Newegg carried all of these accessories until very recently (i.e., about one day before I wanted to buy one). Everything they sell, and everything available at the local office supply and music stores (all of which still seem to have a few e200s for sale) are cases for the Fuze and the clip, mixed in with the tons of ipod gear. And $20 for one of these was actually pretty good, I almost paid 29.95 for the armband thing at Office…Max or Depot, I forget which, right after I got my first e250.

Only magnetic media (ie disks and disc drives) are sensitive to magnetic fields that small. Now if you brought your sansa to a particle accelerator and got to close to the containment array, that’s another story.