Grilled Cheese

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
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mmmmmmmmmmm… grilled cheez. love how it looks on black, but c’mon woot, it is getting close to summer!


Absolutely in for one! It ain’t easy being cheezy!

I’d get this for my son, but he’s a no crust guy.

black shirt = its 100 degrees right now

hmm. i prefer my sandwiches in my stomach, not on it…

I love grilled cheese! And I do like this shirt; won’t be buying, but hoping I get this in a random shirt some day.

My first thought was “Ugh no… Why would I want a disgusting shirt…?” Also, I wear 70’s zombie movie T’s daily… Too drippy for my tastes…

In pittsburgh, its around 55 or 60 so black is still in, until about the 3rd week in july

Love it!!!

Can’t tell you how many grilled cheese sandy’s I bought out of the side of a van in a concert parking lot.

Fricken great.

Finger up Looking for a Miracle.

And i thought the flying donut shirt was weird…

Will have to sleep on it. Can I live with the brown drippings?

hahahaha! Most of the sales are in Wisconsin! Awesome!

It’d be cool to see that map animated, woot.

Why is it dripping the color brown? Did someone dunk it in chocolate milk? Ewww…

Terrence just convinced me to make a grilled cheese, simply by sending me the link to this shirt.

ha-ha a lot of people from Wisconsin are pickin’ this tee up.

I love it…but why is the brown dripping? That is upsetting to me.

Wisconsin cheese is superior to California cheese.