Grilling: Thrilling

Maybe I won’t even notice? I am noticing that the handles look particularly short to be used as grilling utensils. What are the dimensions of the various pieces, aside from the corn cob holders?

Which set are you asking about?

Seriously Woot? No cool bbq aprons???

Not here! But sporadically on Shirt.Woot. There’s a couple up right now! Dragon or bacon :smiley:

The handles on the 16pc set look long enough, but I wish we could see what the case looks like. I’m looking to get something nice for my dad for Father’s Day.

Ah, never mind. Found them.

i bought a similar set a few years ago

the long thin metal parts with round tube handles are worthless. the tongs cant even pick up a piece of chicken without flexing, i only use them to move the grill racks around. this looks like a different vendor, but the quality looks just as bad

I was actually talking about all of the sets because the fork, spatula, and tongs all look the same to me, regardless of the number of pieces in the set. But I just read the reviews posted, and it doesn’t sound like the product is very good anyhow, so the size has kinda become irrelevant to me.

I just received my set pretty fast.

Just for future reference, these are pretty tiny and flimsy. I tried them tonight and they are way too short for a hot grill. Pretty cheap and useless.

Like the other post, I will probably just use them as a spare to move stuff around. Wasted money on these.