Grim Readers Book Club Zip Hoodie

it said i had got the BOC then it refreshed for some reason and said i was denied because they ran out. How can i be told i got it, then the page suddenly refresh and tell me i didnt. UGH

I had the same thing happen to me earlier in the day but was able to snag a BOC on this order. Keep trying!

Did it give a confirmation of your order, or just show it available for placing your order? I had that Denied message on an earlier attempt, too. Until the order is confirmed, it’s not yours.

thank you sooooo much shirt woot!!
I was waiting for a good zip hoody since december and this is EXACTLY what I wanted! squee

a ha! clever clever woot. I decided to see if I could copy and paste the boc link and the boc link is part of the item picture!