Grim Readers Book Club

Aha… ahaha… I see what you did there…

‘War and Peace’ is the most eternal thing to read.

You know a lot of the aging texture, especially on the “quiet please” sign, could easily be blood splatter. Especially if you look at this as an old B&W detective film noir drama piece. Adds a certain kind of chill to the art work and the blood red book. I guess someone was not quiet enough, Grim had to put his scythe to use to silence the noisy one.

Was this shirt designed just for me to wear on Fridays in my library? I think it was!

I see the book club still hasn’t gotten to read Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. Too bad, as it’s a biting read.

the print should be on the back of the shirt!

I will also be wearing this at the circulation desk of my own library. Bad ass librarians (and library staff), unite!

He should be reading Grimms’ Fairy Tales.

Tolstoy. Not surprised. But what do you follow it up with? And does anybody else want to read some Terry Pratchett now?

Mr. Reaper does look very involved in his book.

I suggest Soul Music. Death even rides a motorcycle. :smiley:

Sons of Literacy?

I agree - should have been the back of the shirt…

maybe they’ll put it on a zip up hoodie in the future on the back…then I’ll tear the sleeves off and wear it to the library…

nice. just don’t wear this into a biker bar. you may piss off any 1%ers in there because this has 3 patches. just sayin.

I was just thinking how fortunate it is that I’m rereading some Pratchett, so -as mentioned- the perfect shirt.

Darn you, shirt.woot! With these literary and grammar and foxy shirts, my husband will continue to declare that “perhaps” I have ordered too many shirts recently…

Here’s another vote for Woot! offering this as a rear design in the future. In the very near future, please!

This shirt actually made me lol. Great idea, great colors, great shirt!

I agree, if it was I would consider buying

I, too, agree. Large art on the back, small patch on the front pocket area.

I like this shirt. Love the SOA reference. Very cool.