Grind and Brew Auto-Drip Coffee Maker

Tempted, but never heard of the brand and I see it is not an insulated carafe and I don’t see that it has a warming plate. Very little info anywhere on this. I’ll wait until the Cuisinart one like I had goes on sale.

Ditto! Never heard of the brand. Huge discount concerns me. Why? Sell out discontinued or problems with the unit? I’ll do a little research before purchasing. Anyone have this coffee maker?

Amazon is selling it for 189…99…two comments…seems like it’s a european product…

Just got it, not impressed. Coffee isn’t very hot, grounds spill out on counter, and warming plate stayed on for less than an hour in spite of manual that says it stays on for 120 minutes. Coffee tasted fine, but in hindsight I would have payed more for a real brand that works as advertised.

I just bought this unit and have been using it for 5 days. My results have been the same as in other comments: the coffee is not terribly hot (it does have a warming burner) and it shuts itself off in about 35 minutes rather than the 120 minutes specified in the manual. That’s my biggest complaint. You can turn it back on but you have to remember to shut off the grinder and decrease the number of cups or it will waste beans and try to pull a large quantity of water through the brewer.

Avoid this piece of crap. The hot plate isn’t hot, it turns off after 30 minutes (supposed to be 2 hours), the grounds spill into the coffee and around the unit. Now after a week the grinder is already jamming up and giving us hot water rather than coffee. Worst appliance I’ve ever purchased.

Oh no! That sounds terrible. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form to report these issues.

Thank you and the other posters for helping to make a usually hard decision very easy, and for saving me the anger and disappointment down the road (thought probably not that far down said road).