GRIND Stainless Salt and Pepper Grinder - Gift Week

GRIND Stainless Salt and Pepper Grinder - Gift Week
$34.99 + $5 shipping
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product: 1 GRIND Stainless Salt and Pepper Grinder

I can’t even think of anyone I might give this too. My mom might be the only person, but even her spending $40 on a salt-n-pepper grinder…don’t really see what’s all so special about it.

Looks pretty nice… already have a set of grinders, though… why am I still tempted?

Loweeel FTW!

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How does this work? Is it battery operated?

They’re retro - You use your thumb(!) to push the plunger on top and it grinds out a portion.

Waiters walk around offering fresh ground pepper, and I always think “why not fresh ground salt?”. Have to figure out if we would use this. The price is not bad, but only if these won’t be collecting dust.

Just a little “Pump n’ Grind”!!!

I don’t see nothing wrong, with a little.

Eh, I needed grinders. I figured it’s a good price for a nice set. Certainly much nicer-looking than the pre-packaged Costco ones.

Costco has the red and black versions for the same price.

Anyone know what these things retail for as a comparison? Or any other comparisons for similar products?

Also, WD how big of a bag of the “Tellicherry peppercorns and Australian sea salt” comes with the order? I’m assuming it’s just a tiny amount of each to tease us? :tongue:

I am a chef, I have a pair of these in my home, and…

… I hate them.

I find that my thumb will start to cramp before I can get any meaningful amount of salt and or pepper out of either of them.

Good gift if you want something that looks pretty on the table, horrible gift to give to someone who appreciates functionality. I could only see these being practical for a one handed person, and then there are battery powered options that are more functional

Interesting. The stainless version here is of course much nicer and theoretically much more expensive at retail.

A little background info: Our daughter picked out a set of these for WD for Christmas last year and he LOVES them. Whenever we have guests over they like them and end up getting a set for themselves. There’s just something cool about them. They don’t take up much space, but still give you a good, fresh grind. I always think of Star Trek TNG when Dr. Beverly would give shots. These remind me of those. (TMI?)

Happy Gift Week!

So the obvious question: why not just use two hands when you need more?

(no snark intended, I’d just be interested!)

Yeah, just a tease. The salt and pepper you see in that pic is pretty much what was contained in the bags we got for the photoshoot. At least it’s cheaper to refill these than those printers we sell on the other site.

I just looked at these a couple of weeks ago and think they were retailing for $50 or $55 at the local Oil & Vinegar. We tried looking on their website but apparently they aren’t listed.

A couple of restaurants we frequent have these. I like them very much, and would get them if we didn’t already have both salt and pepper mills that SWMBO likes better (I know because we discussed getting a set of these when we saw them in a restaurant). I do think these would be better for table use than for use in grinding larger quantities of either salt or pepper in food preparation.