Groove vs Zombies



Groot vs Zombies???


Fangorn and his kin would like announce their support of their wooden relative, Groot.


Quite the collection of chlorophyll cuteness.


Anything Groot is too cute.






Another shirt I don’t need but bought because I AM COMPELLED

i hate you woot…



Well, I hesitated at first, because I was a little worried it was a little too “My Other TARDIS is an X-Wing” for my tastes.

However, this is clever and cute enough to pull the mash-up off, I’m impressed.


Is that Little Shop of Horror’s Audrey II in there as well?


I love the expression on the sun flower’s face… “Ooooh, shiny!”


Sigh, I do like the design, but not a fan of these brighter green shirts. Have 1 already, and don’t even wear it. Now, a tote would’ve worked. And a mug :wink:


I’m guessing he’s dancing to this song- [youtube=0N1_0SUGlDQ][/youtube]



At least they are planted on a grass green shirt.


I am groot


Argh! I forgot to order this in time! How come not all shirts go into the back catalogue? ;_;


They’re added manually. It should be updated soon. Keep checkin’ back!


Ohhh, really? You have totally made my day!! =D

Does that mean all the shirts from the ‘themed’ events (ie, the non-winners from derbys that are offered as a batch for a short period) will get in there eventually? I missed a couple of others in the last few months, but so far I only see the shirts that made ‘shirt of the day’ make it into the back catalogue.

This is very sad for somebody as disorganised and time-oblivious as myself!


I missed it :frowning:


I am frustrated that I have wanted to buy this shirt since I saw it -which was after it sold out- and now it’s in the danger zone -and yet it has been ‘Sold Out’ every time I’ve checked. Not only does this seem indicative of a shortage of green tshirt’s (how else can a shirt be sold out and in danger) -but it has got to be skewing this shirt’s position in the rankings/its sales in general/the artist’s cred.
It’s really annoying to worry that the shirt is going to slip off the charts because no one is buying it -because you don’t have it available and we can’t buy it.

(if it’s a copyright issue just say so and I’ll go cry into my pillow)
(and if it actually is available, why on earth does it still say sold out after I refresh/reload/restart my browser/whatever?)


I am sorry, @eemawha. It seems like the best option is the cry-into-your-pillow option now :frowning: