OH MY…I have no words.

I thought that Boomstick beats everything.

Woo I just saw Evil Dead 2 for the first time last night. I finally get a reference!

Who needs lizards or Vulcans when you’ve got B movie heroes setting the standard.

Gimme some sugar!

Hail to the King baby.

Are those backwards 6’s or backwards 9’s? I don’t remember that part of the movie.

Now here’s a reference I don’t get, will never get, and am happy to not get.

Groovy beats Dynamite anytime :wink: congrats on your first print here at woot!

Love it! Congrats :slight_smile:

only because you don’t know what you’ve been missing :smiley:

Some blood stains on the chain saw would have made it even better. Ah, so when some BBQ sauce drops on when I’m eating, it won’t ruin the shirt. Very nice!

Dear Woot writers,
I love your write up’s. But unless I’m extremely sleep deprived (which I am), can we have a little less Harry Potter (BROOMstick) and a little more Evil Dead (BOOMstick). Thanks! (Unless my lack of sleep has me totally missing the joke - totally possible at this point).

Edit : reposted after the writers fixed it, yay!

Or, this:

My favorite part of the EDII scene was when he cuts into the shotgun barrel with the chainsaw, but not all the way, then he bangs it with his elbow to break it off. Groovy! The barrel would probably split on the first shot in real life, but it makes a great scene.

Far out!

Hehe i didn’t get it until i saw your comment. Now I remember the movie and get the tshirt, so cool !

Good. Bad. Woot’s the guy with the pun.

Hmmm, that shirt color looks a bit Ash-y