Grow-A-Head Bundles

Can my cats eat this grass?

Can you have Betta fish in the bowl?

For both of these questions, I’d suggest reaching out to Grow-A-Head directly. I poked around their website and didn’t find much info. My best guess is that the grass is just normal grass. You can contact Grow-A-Head here. Hope that helps.

My exact question. My cats would destroy these little characters in less than 30 seconds!!

Hi EHatfield19,
Received a reply today from grow a head

Re: Cats eating the plant.

I wrote:

“Interested in your product. I see there is a warning for children 3 & under.
What about if a cat or dog were to eat the grass on one of these.
Would it hurt the pet / Are these things safe if a pet were to eat from the grass.
I searched your site to no avail for an answer to this question & cannot find it.
Please let me know & have a great day”

Received a reply from:

David Ethridge
Sourcing International LLC
Makers of the Grow-A-Head

He writes:

“The grass is perfectly safe and edible for pets (or people). The children’s warning is a choking hazard due to the small parts (eyes, etc.) on the Grow-A-Heads.”

Hope this helps

Have a wonderful weekend!


PS I was surprised to receive a reply on a Saturday from these folks.