Gruet Blanc de Blancs Magnum (2)

You can buy “2”… 750’s for less than this 1.5 liter on line.!

Get more,…Pay less !!

When you add shipping the cheapest I can find 4 750’s delivered is $78.00

And the cheapest I can find mags of this is the winery itself, $42.00 each and again you add shipping.

So in fact this looks like a pretty nice deal.

Too bad you didn’t post the year, might’ve bought a case!

From the “Specs” tab, Vintage: NV

Maybe he/she missed that it’s a pair of them?

Anyone have notes?

He said four 750’s which would be two 1.5’s. Math Camp > Regular Camp.

I think greyday was referring to porciniman’s post. I knew that and never even went to camp.

Check out the prices here:

Even at that sale price, it still comes out to more $$ with shipping.