Gruet Grand Rosé (4)

Gruet Grand Rosé 4-Pack
Sold by: Precept Wine
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2012 Gruet Grand Rosé

I can find no mention of where the grapes are from on this wine, even on Gruet’s website. Are these from New Mexico, or one of Gruet’s blends where they include California as well? A shot of the back of the bottle seems appropriate here, whether to verify NM or American. Thanks.éthode-Champenoise-Sparkling/dp/B01MDRZ28N

Looks to be an image of the back label on amazon. Says New Mexico.

I love the 2010 Grand Rosé – anyone tasted both and able to compare? I’m probably in for 1-2 regardless but would love to know if they’re similar!


Wouldn’t it be fun to have a side by side comparative tasting of this with a bottle of Iron Horse Brut Rosé, which also has a long life expectancy? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the Gruet Sparklers we’ve had so far; their wines are all well made, really delicious, and typically excellent value. Despite a current oversupply, I don’t see any way to resist.

Grape Debater(s)?

I have some of this in the cellar right now. It’s just delicious like strawberries and bakery and writing this is literally making my tastebuds tingle.

Way to go enabler… :tongue:

When I talked to Gruet club people shortly after the Precept takeover a couple years ago ,I was told the sparklers would continue to be strictly NM grapes.
As this vintage is even well before that, I would believe NM

I do my best. Not good enough for a quality post, though.

The current offer is clearly made from NM grapes.

The rest of the Gruet line-up is not necessarily, though. We’ve had case offers here from Gruet that included CA juice.

I’m a tad confused by “NM or American”…New Mexico is American, so clarify, please?

There are specific laws regarding how wines can be labeled.

You can’t say a wine is made from New Mexico grapes unless it’s made from 100% New Mexico grapes.

“American Sparkling Wine” would suggest the wine was made from at least two different states.

“California Sparkling Wine” would be from CA specifically.

And it gets more specific from there – counties, AVAs, vineyards, and even blocks.

We’ve done that with the 2007 Iron Horse Brut Rosé and the 2007 Knot Wines Sinnet Sparkling Rosé. The Iron Horse came out on top but it was pretty close, especially considering the Sinnet was half the price. If I ever see it come up on LB again I am buying as much as I can afford!

I had forgotten about that one (Sinnet) really liked that Sinnet rose!

Thanks for the reminder. Need to stop by the remote locker and grab some…

Yea I burned through 8 of them over the hot summer months :slight_smile:

I think that was a Kyle find?

Also grapes from WA and TX, and perhaps ID