Gruet Mixed Sparkling (3)

Gruet Mixed Sparkling 3-Pack
$79.99 $128.97 38% off List Price
2007 Gilbert Grande Reserve
2 2010 Grand Rosé
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Oh, my! Thanks to justplainjulie who brought the 2007 Gilbert Gruet Grande Reserve to our Bubbly & Sushi event in Buffalo as part of our Icewine Festival Weekend, we got to taste some of this beautiful sparkling wine from New Mexico! We were really impressed. This sparkling wine held its own against many of the fine sparkling wines that we had tasted that evening. I’m sorry that I cannot be more specific, but we had tasted 10 different sparkling wines that evening with our sushi! It was impressive though. :slight_smile:

Harvest Moon Zin from Jan 27th wine woot. Got mine yesterday and first bottle I opened had turned to Vinegar. Hopefully the next 5 are good. Any body else have this happen?

Can’t recall if I’ve had these specific vintages, but the Gruet reserves are indeed the real deal. Nice bubbles. In fact the non-vintage sparklers are quite tasty as well. Well made wines.

We’re certainly no sparkling experts ,nor are we note takers,but we have been enjoying Gruet for a few years and belong to their club.
That said,if you are interested,this would be a good time to give it a shot. The percent savings shown are quite accurate. The club shipment for Nov. was one each of these bubblies and came to $88.45 including shipping and discounts.Listed as 32.99 for the rose’ and 42.99 for the '07.
I believe they do distribute ,at least some of their products ,nationally,so you may be able to run out and get one of their standards for 15 to 20 dollars and have it this morning with brunch , and decide for yourself.
Hmm,that sounds kind of good. Think today may be a champagne Sunday.

Wine doesn’t turn to vinegar without you actually making it do so. What was wrong with it? Bad taste? Signs of damage in transit?

I love these wines and drink them quite regularly. Here’s my quick tasting notes:

Gilbert - green apple, grapefruit, biscuit, wet stone.

Grand Rose - juicy strawberry, raspberry, brioche. This one is my favorite of the two.

These are definitely done in a champagne style, and I tend to get more autolytic characteristics - bread, yeast, etc, - from these wines than I do from a lot of California sparklers.

This is also a great price, and as previously mentioned, a better price than I get through the wine club. Super glad to see them here.

Thanks for the notes and thanks for sharing a bottle in Buffalo. I did a double-take when I saw today’s offer! Of course I am in for a set. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oops, no Ohio

As bahwm said earlier, the Gilbert held up very well in a lineup that included some fine sparklers ( 2004 Dom Perignon and 2001 Schramsberg Reserve amongst them). Thanks again for bringing that one. Like you, I enjoy the yeasty character in a bubbly. And if you prefer the Rosé, the only decision left is how many to buy.

Myself and others have had oxidized or partially oxidized bottles of his Late Harvest Zinfandel, cortot had an oxidized bottle of his dry Gewurz and now your bottle of Zinfandel. Pretty sure I am forgetting another instance that I heard of a flawed bottle from Harvest Moon. I was thinking about this recently wondering if it was just a weird coincidence, but it seems to be trending. It’s a shame because Randy makes some good juice.

I’ve enjoyed numerous bottles of the Sinnet Rose sparkler (Knot Wines) 2007 offered on LB. I know that several other Wooters had that also. Anyone who had both that could compare to this offer?

Happy Sunday.

i personally count this as pretty darn good “get”.

No sign of damage to the bottle. Just tasted and smelled just like vinegar. It was totally undrinkable. My daughter got sick afterwards, she drank about 3 sips. My wife and I were fine.

Coffeemate and I hit Gruet during our road trip back in January. We got to taste these two and almost bought at the winery. We don’t have any specific notes but we do remember the '07 to be extremely complex. All of the Gruet bubblies (except maybe for their second label) were great. They have a bubbly for every taste. From sweet (their Demi-Sec) to creamy and complex (the Grand Reserve right here).

If you guys ever hit Albuquerque, totally worth a stop.

Hmmmm…to buy or not to buy?

I actually had my first Gruet the other day. It was very nice, complex, focused. No clue which bottling it was as SWMBO ordered it and we were on a no-kids date so the wine wasn’t the focus at all. Nevertheless, this seems like a good one to take a flyer on if you’re in the market.

The bottle I had (see above) was leaner, had finer mousse, and was a bit more sharp. Mine wasn’t a rosé, though, so take the inherent stylistic differences into account. And use the required grain of salt, of course.

Pop another and contact They’ll replace the bottle. If the others are the same, it might be a taste issue and not a wine issue.

Opened one the other nite (2/6/15) and it was very good. A tad lite but very EZ to drink.

It may be time for him to get a new cork supplier or switch to screw tops.

Your recollection was correct my taster of the Gewürztraminer was bad, bad cork caused seepage and oxidized the wine. It was shame to because I really wanted to try it.