Gruet Mixed Sparkling Case for Mother's Day

Gruet Mixed Sparkling Case for Mother’s Day
$159.99 $267.00 40% off List Price
NV Gruet Blanc de Noirs
NV Gruet Rose’
NV Gruet Sauvage
NV Gruet Blanc de Blancs 25th Anniversary
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Guys. Wow. Ok take it from a long time wooter these guys are the real deal. I can’t say how excited I am to see New Mexico wine on woot. Wine in New Mexico you ask? Check your drunk history books…we’ve been making it the longest. The peeps over at Gruet know two things. 1. How to have a good time (Seriously I spent a week one night with them at their tent at a wine fest years ago). And 2. How to make some serious bubbs.

I enjoyed our last Gruet purchase but don’t need 12 bottles. Anyone in SF up for a split? Email me at this username at gmail if so!

Oh, as for split details, I’m most interested in the rose and 25th.

Not ship to OH?!

Since when is Wisconsin out for shipping? We have some of the most liberal wine shipping laws in the country. Not cool. Would have bought one or two cases :frowning:

Unfortunately not. Looks like Cedar Green Wine & Cheese in S. Euclid carries some Gruet sparklers. $16-$20/bottle with 10% case discounts available. Not a bad little wine store if you’ve never checked it out. Have gone to some tastings there in the past.

Oh my. Gruet rocks.
The Sauvage sounds wonderful… but I’d really like a case of the still Pinot. Pretty please? Or maybe a 4-pack that included the Reserve?

Just got engaged, so in for 1!
Can never have too much bubbly

Did some poking around on the interwebz. As far as I can tell, the winery isn’t licensed for OH or WI. I’ll let you know if I hear anything differently.

Looks like GA is also excluded. Bummer; only two bubblies left in the cellar, with summer around the corner.

Too good a deal to pass up. I’m in for one!

Oh, my. I love their wine (they are kind of local!) and this is a good deal but not sure I want a whole case - anyone in the Durango CO vicinity want to split?

I have only ever had their Brut but it’s wonderful. The only sparkling wine I buy for New Year’s Eve.

Where did they get a $259 retail price??? On the Gruet website, with no discount, these wines run an average of about $17 a bottle. By my math 17 x 12 = $204, not $259. A discount, but not what they say. My guess is if you looked at discount wineries, you could get it cheaper, especially by the case.

Discount wineries?

I’m guessing the $259 includes shipping.

Seriously! You tell them. A Madisonian here. This is wisconsin and we like our alcohol. Whomever doesn’t want to ship here is missing out on a large demographic willing to spend money.

Haven’t wine wooted for ages. Don’t really need this much but I bought 2 cases. This is a solid 15-25% off what I normally pay in NY, factoring taxes. Plus I feel like I never have enough sparkling wine. Now I will, totally guilt free. Thanks WD!

These guys win the awards. Went to a tasting a few months ago with their rep doing the presentation. Had a great story to tell about the founders and the terroir. All sparklers were nice and little different from each other. I still have a bottle in my wine cellar waiting for the occasion. At these prices I could make it a daily drinker.


WHOO! There are gonna be some happy bubbly people!

Thanks for your support!