Gruet Mother's Day Sparkling Case (12)

Gruet Mother’s Day Sparkling 12-Pack Case
Sold by: Precept Wine
$139.99 $236.00 41% off List Price
NV Gruet Brut
NV Gruet Blanc de Noirs
NV Gruet Brut Rosé

Here we go again, Minnesota!
Anyone in Twin Cities near Eagan want to split a case?

We’ve enjoyed Gruet in past years.

Private mail me if interested. Thanks.

I’m losing track of how many cases of Gruet I’ve bought. At least five or six over the past few years. Always nice to have on hand, so with two more cases, I hope to get through the summer! And with more coming, I don’t have to be so stingy with what I have left from the last order.

Really nice price point for a really nice bubbly. Thanks to Justplainjulie for introducing us to this wine. I think we have a couple cases in the house. Also, think nice ty to your local delivery people! :wink:

Any possibility OH can be added directly from the winery?

Good luck if you are buying this actually for mothers day.

Last time I bought Gruet it took over a month to arrive. this was past the estimated shipping time.

I complained to woot and they could care less.

If you don’t mind me asking which state are you located?

Hi there. I looked up your order to see what the issue was. You ordered it on 8/29/16 and received 9/14/16. It was a bit latter shipping out than we would like but it wasn’t a month.

PS: That span included a shipping holiday (Labor Day).

No shipping to NJ, as always seems to be the case for Gruet. Whomp whomp.

How do these compare to Korbel found everywhere? I’m not a big bubbly drinker and find Korbels decent but lacking that mousse feel I have encountered on more expensive bubblies…usually ones that woofers bring to gatherings!

Anyone in the Southern NH area (Nashua) interested in splitting? Let me know.

My wife drinks both and we are jumping at this because it is a far superior product.

Frankly, this stuff is Sunday dress up in church clothes drinking on a weekday price.

I love your description!

Minneapolis / St Paul area - interested in splitting the case?

In for… wait, no CT shipping? I’ve definitely purchased Gruet through wine.woot previously…

Thanks for the feedback! All three are good? Don’t mind dressing up on a weeknight to enjoy some wine! Lol

Sorry. Shipping will vary from sale to sale based on licensing expiration and renewals.

I’ve liked all three.

Happy to say Gruet is made here in New Mexico. Most New Mexico wine is not worth mentioning but Gruet has managed to produce a really world class méthode champenoise sparkling wine.