Gruet Mother's Day Sparkling Case Remix

Gruet Re-Mixed Sparkling Case for Mother’s Day
$159.99 $267.00 40% off List Price
NV Gruet Blanc de Noirs
NV Gruet Rose’
NV Gruet Sauvage
2010 Gruet Blanc de Blancs
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and we are back with one bottle change. same value.

Thanks, WD, for your quick work! Bought two instead of the one I’d originally planned and haven’t even looked to see what is different in the new offer. Not worried; I’m sure it will be great.

HAHAHA, Good job! I would love to trade some of my blanc de noir for the 2010 vintage but that’s ok. You’re a prince, David. Thanks for dumpster diving in wonderful sparklers on our behalf.

something about Gruet. hit’s a nerve. good stuff!

What was the change from the prior offer?

The previous offer featured 3 bottles of the 25th Anniversary Blanc de Blancs. The new offer features 3 bottles of the 2010 Blanc de Blancs.

Your box now includes a

Dang. I resisted buying this morning, and came back hoping they sold out. Which they did, but then it was brought it back. I passed on the last Iron Horse as a bit too pricey, even though they are my favorite. I think I need need press the big button …

I am groot.

What?! No OH again?!

I would SO be in for this bad boy if only it would ship to Wisconsin.
On the other hand, my local shop carries Gruet (my go-to bubbly) for $12.60 a bottle.
Yum so gooooooood!

I am Gruet.

I grok.

This was shipped via Home Delivery, but my address is a business address (the only issue is they have until 8pm to deliver it and we close at 5pm). Was there somewhere in the checkout for me to tell you this is a business address? (I honestly don’t remember).