Gruet Sparkling Mixed Case (12)

Gruet Sparkling Mixed 12-Pack Case
Sold by: Precept Wine
$139.99 $236.00 41% off List Price
NV Gruet Blanc de Noirs
NV Gruet Brut
NV Gruet Sauvage

woot has become the ultimate groundhog day-what happened you to man? yo ass used to be beautiful

You’re drunk, go home

You’re kind of right. It’s the same rotation of fan faves mixed in with marginal 6 packs for $60 mixed in with the very occasional might be interesting wine mixed in with nothing exciting at all.

I wish the brut was blanc de blanc or it was 6/6. I just can’t do any more Gruet Brut. It’s fine but there are others in the $10-15 price point that are better. My local grocery store converted to a Kroger and I bought 18 bottles of it at ~ $7/bottle during a closeout, and I just can’t do another bottlle of their brut. How about a 6-pack of the Sauvage for a good price?

A 6-pack of the Sauvage, now that would be an auto-woot

I was worried about this offer as it has been repeated a lot. But it’s such a great offer, and may be limited offering it going forward, so we chose to slot it.

Stay tuned for some fun and compelling (and new) offers September forward.

We love Gruet can’t go wrong or is it Groot??

Side discussion:
Kaolis you made me look back and reminisce, what ever happened to these gems??( IMHO)

Chateau d’Abalone Verdejo & Shell 2013
Willow Crest - Washington Riesling 2012
Windsor Oaks – Rosato Rosé of Sangiovese Chalk Hill 2012
Foppiano - Petite Sirah Plus Plus 2011-12
Atelier - Rockpile Zinfandel 2007
White Oak Vineyards - Aged Syrah 2008
Senders Wines - Cab Sauvignon 2005
Sullivan - Estate Bottled Merlot Napa Valley 2007
C.G. Di Arie – Zinfandel Shenandoah Valley 2007 / Sierra Legend, RedBlend 2008

you read my mind. check out the thread I just posted on world of wine.woot.

Well well played :slight_smile: in a sad kind of way :frowning:

But maybe new wineries and offers will come?

This should be interesting…

It’s gotta be a lot harder to scrounge bargains now than it was 10 years ago, when there were limited online competitors and vineyards were liquidating their inventories to pay mortgages.

Not to mention 2 offerings per week.

While my cellar might be a bit smaller, my bank account would be much larger were we back to a single offer a week. Great winery participation then too.
That page has been turned however.

I am Gruet.

Agreed across the board.