Gruet Sparkling Mixed Case (12)

Gruet Sparkling Mixed 12-Pack Case
Sold by: Precept Wine
$139.99 $236.00 41% off List Price
NV Gruet Blanc de Noirs
NV Gruet Brut
NV Gruet Sauvage

Just such a goto for value this time of year. Love gruet

If only I wasn’t still sitting on over a case already.

Not IH, but also not the $$$.
Great qpr here.

If only this was available in OH. In for 3! :frowning:

Any chance the kind people at Gruet can ship directly to those of us in Ohio. We need some sparklers to cheer us Browns fans up!!!

Gruet case? Just before Christmas/New Years?


Any chance the seller can ship to MA? Not sure why it’s ok most of the time but not now.

Seriously people!?! No, “I am Gruet!” quotes in the comments?
But after reading all of these “Product-centric over comedic-centric” comments, I’m in for 1.

Roger that. Terrific bubbly at a great price. And anyone who has read my woot signature knows how I feel about bubbly.

HELP! I was under the assumption that 2 or 3 years ago,NJ passed the law where wine could be shipped! It states it doesn’t ship to NJ. I really want this!

If NJ is like Michigan, the company then also has to sign a formal tax agreement with the state. Perhaps Precept hasn’t done that.

This will be great for celebrating my sisters wedding. Just sent her a case.

Anyone from Woot want to chime in on this before the end of the day?

Each winery has to have a license for each state.

Ugh, thanks for the info! Of course NJ is slow, unless you’re shutting down a bridge!

doing the same for my buddies wedding this weekend.

Need more than a case to get over the Browns. More like a truckload!!! I’m thinking more like a 1st and 8th round draft pick!! That is unless they trade those picks for 15 5th round picks!!

And thanks to a special friend I was able to wootleg a previous offer for me!!

Having lived a couple of years in Ohio as a kid, i’m rooting for Brown’s fans. hope this offer helps.