Gruet Sparkling Mixed Case

Gruet Sparkling Mixed Case
$139.99 $236.00 41% off List Price
NV Gruet Blanc de Noirs
NV Gruet Brut
NV Gruet Sauvage
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Kind of ironic that this doesn’t ship to New Mexico…

Off topic, I just ordered the fruit butters by Braswell, they look to die for and the suggested issues gave me a lot of yummy ideas. Has anyone tried these?

Also interested in today’s offering, recommended?

Very similar to the Gruet case offered a while ago and which I purchased. Difference is that offer included 3 bottles of the blanc de blancs. Very good “everyday” bubbly in my opinion although we certainly don’t drink it on an everyday basis. Think more of a special occasion mid week type of sparkler. The sauvage and the blanc de blancs were definitely our favorite of the bunch. And this offer is cheaper than the last one but you miss out on the vintage blanc.

Seriously. I’ll bet if someone from NM contacted the winery, they could take care of him.

So excited for this! Gruet is one of my favorite sparklers. Drinks like a more expensive bottle for sure.

So sad this doesn’t ship to SC:-(

I am Gruet.

We’ve had a couple of Gruet’s sparklers at restaurants, and I have been pleased with them. They are solid, certainly on a par with most California sparklers, and a good value for money. If you drink sparkling wine other than so rarely that you only drink top shelf Champagne and/or California sparklers, it’s worth putting this case in your cellar and watching with pleasure as you can step up the ‘special’ level of lots of brunches, dinners or cocktail parties.

Love me some Gruet. The wife loves this stuff.

good stuff for the price. in for 2 cases

Interesting thread on Gruet sale and fruit source changes.


Hey Kyle, I remember that thread. I never responded in it because I’m not sure but I think even before the takeover by Precept, at least for some time, the regular cuvees were labeled as American and only the more expensive bottlings were designated New Mexico. I could be way wrong there though, not a Gruet history buff. Although I’m sure it is true that sourcing changed/expanded.

I will note as well that the Wine Spectator Top 100 info is from 2011 and the 89 point score from WS is from 2012. So a little misleading in that those designations are not from current blends.

Yea read that thread a while back, to me the New Mexico grapes was the big selling point imho. But I have not tried any of the new stuff so I really have no opinion :slight_smile:

We’ve only had their Demi-Sec, but we loved it. Figured with the other comments here, we’d go ahead an order a case!

Now this is a conundrum.
Early excitement turns to “I’m not gambling on a whole case!”

Anyone in the southeast metro St.Paul/Eagan/Woodbury area want to split?

OOPs, edit, this is Minnesota! (though I’m not sure where other St. Pauls might be).

Took the Mother’s Day Deal plunge last Spring and we’re still drinking away. All selections drink like a much spendier bubbly, especially the 2010 Vintage; sadly not offered in this selection.

My least favorite was the Sauvage, but everyone else seemed to like it…not a drop left over (I spiked mine with Mango puree).

In for one case…maybe two.

Have been a member of their club for a few years and have always been pleased with their products.Though even club pricing has been no great bargain,I’ve continued,as the selections have been good. Hadn’t heard a word about an ownership change,which surprises me a bit,but in for a case as its much cheaper than I can get it for,and will definitely be comparing labels and taste testing to see if I notice any changes. Luckily,we have several bottles in the cellar to compare to. Will be extremely disappointed if they have changed the product to chase a dollar. Here’s hoping. Cheers.