Gruet Sparkling Mixed Case

Gruet Sparkling Mixed Case
Sold by: Precept Wine
$139.99 $236.00 41% off List Price
NV Gruet Blanc de Noirs
NV Gruet Brut
NV Gruet Sauvage

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Purchased this case last time it was up. Great QPR. Already gone through half the case, and we usually drink sparkling infrequently.

And with summer coming! Great timing for sparklers! But no Georgia on the ship list. [sad]

After buying the case last time, i started checking prices around at all the major stores in the metroplex. Didn’t really seem like that much of a deal. Less than $2 off a bottle on average, closer to just $1 off a bottle.

Want want want, but alas I can not have in SC. :frowning:

Can’t argue with you that the savings isn’t great (although it is definitely less on Woot than locally) but the convenience of having a case of the stuff delivered to my house is the reason I have purchased this twice already. If you want an everyday sparkler hit the buy button.

But if you live in Buffalo, you can’t get it locally at all, so this is really a great deal. I bought 2 cases in December, gave away one in the form of thank you’s to the folks at UPS and FedEx, started drinking the rest. It’s beautiful stuff. The Sauvage is probably the driest bubbly we’ve ever encountered.

Looking at what one would pay from somewhere like Specs, it would cost ~$50 more. So not a bad deal.

Good for you! And I strongly recommend a practice along these lines.

The Brut goes for $13.99/bottle at my local Metro Market and if you buy more than 4 bottles, you get 15% off, so a case of the Brut would be about $142 and the convenience of not having to be there to sign for it is a bonus as well. I think the Blanc de Noirs and Sauvage would be a $1-2 more per bottle but ultimately this “deal” is very close to retail and when I ordered the 6-pack of Gruet 2010 Blanc de Blanc a month or so ago, Precept took forever to ship. It took me 2 solid weeks to receive it. So as much as I love Gruet, I will pass and go to the Metro Market and get a 4-pack in honor of passing on this deal. In the $120 range, then it’s a deal.

These run 15.99-17.99 apiece near me (plus taxes!). Great deal!

Been waiting for a sparkling deal but no shipping to dirty Jersey. Waaaah!

This is killing my card.

Between the Rose and Two Jakes, I have spent my wine budget for a while.

Although my primary champagne allegiance is to Clan “Iron Horse”, these are solid sparklers…and nobody ever believes me when I tell them where they come from.

Not a wine guy, but I have friends that are and really liked this stuff. Good not great price, convenience, I thought it was a good deal.

Argh, no space for this. My colleagues are tired of being displayed (without distribution to them).

same here 15.99 -16.99 for the 2 of 3 I can get here+tax. Wine club is much more expensive,but do occasionally get something a bit more special.Good deal as far as I’m concerned and makes me wonder why I stay with their club. In for one and debating