Gruet Sparkling Mixed Case

I love champagne. I was hoping for some comments from people who have purchased these before. I see a lot of people who bought today. Any comments? The price is certainly nice…

Wish these shipped to NJ! They sell them by the bottle in the local store, so they must have a distributor here.

I am an amateur at tasting notes, but this is a really nice wine at a great price. The Sauvage is crisp and faintly floral with pear. Perfect for summertime! The Blanc de Noir has bakery in the nose and is full of brioche; rich and satisfying. The Brut is what you want in a brut-golden, creamy, apples.
I enjoy them all and wish I could get two cases!

I used to live 10 mins from this winery. I was a pleasure to visit. Friendly staff, nice wine. I love seeing a NM wine that can not be shipped to NM :slight_smile: I understand the reasoning, it is just laughable.

Oh I am going to be there in May! Can’t wait to visit the place!

Suddenly can’t be shipped to NY? Have bought Gruet previously on Woot and loved it - within the past year. Can this be checked…

Anyone in MN want to split the Gruet sparkling case currently offered?

We’ve enjoyed them before, but wife never drinks sparkling. Sigh.

Need to share with someone: we’re just south of St. Paul, but will drive a reasonable distance or hold for you.

PM me please. Thanks!

Having just finished a Gruet Blanc de Noir with the wife, I have to say this is impressive bubbly. It’s not Iron Horse or Roederer but the price point is spot on. Highly recommend.


Can’t be shipped to Tennessee…ugh :frowning:

Yet, somehow the sales stats map shows purchase(s) in Tennessee. I wonder how that works?

Sorry for the delayed reply; there was an error when the sale launched, which allowed for TN residents to order. By the time you tried to order, things had been updated.

I’ve bought a couple of the Gruet bundles via Woot. I was thrilled to see them here, as the only Gruet I’ve seen near me in MI is the “generic” one – i.e., not Blanc de Noirs, etc.

The descriptions in the Features tab are accurate. They’re all very good sparklers – perhaps not the equal of most $40 Champagnes, but then, they’re less than $12 each here, which is an absolute screaming deal.

Winedavid, if you are monitoring this – riddle me this: I’m in WA state and I am getting “This item cannot be shipped to WA. Please remove this wine from your order.” – however, the colorful map of Sales Stats shows WA in a medium pink indicating that some has been sold to WA during this deal?

I am an old Wine Wooter since the early days but have been off-the-boards for a few years. I know people often complain about “can’t ship to my state” and I know that there is a lot of paperwork involved, so not being able to order isn’t a big problem (though usually WA is not one of the restricted states). However, how can there be pink on the state map if the system won’t allow an order to that state?

WA was another state that was removed from the state list after the sale started. Sorry. :frowning:

Happy New York was added back to the list. I’ve bought numerous offers from Gruet on Woot. These are awesome summer sparklers at this price point.

That’s what I get for hesitating. Oops. :frowning: