Gruet Sparkling Mixed Case

Purchased this lot the last time it was available…solid sparklers. Served all three along side some Spanish and California bubbly (that cost twice as much) at a recent gathering and people were blown away when they found out it was from New Mexico…

It can’t ship to the state it’s made in?

correct. winery can, but not on woot.

Gruet is our go-to sparkling wine. We ordered this case last time it was up and still have about half left (we don’t drink bubbles too often). When we run low, we will definitely order more! We have purchased bottles of Gruet close to $20/bottle with tax and I feel it is worth it; the price on Woot! is a steal!

They are plenty good enough on their own, but for the price it cannot be beat for mimosas as well! The Sauvage is our favorite, but they are all tasty!

The same case on winery’s website is $50 more.