grumble grumble


ok seriously. every night i stay up till midnight (very late for me when i work at 5am) and every night the woot of the day isnt updated till past 1 am sometimes. sometimes by the time i see the new one its sold out! :frowning: this makes me a very sad panda. i have 3 computers in the house and i try on all 3. anything im doing wrong? anything i can do to fix this?

Taking over the world, one woot at a time. . .


where do you live…keep in mind its midnight CST


curses!!! foiled again by damn time zones. I have been on the brink or world domination only to realize i had the wrong time zone and my device wasnt set to go off for another hour or so. Plenty of time for the authorities to discover my dastardly plan.

but as any good super villain. i never learn.



you think he’s related to dm?




Wouldn’t surprise me.


yeah…maybe a second DM account?


hasn’t set anything on fire or blown anything up yet though
Maybe just cousins.
Poor guy, we’re hijacking his thread.
heh, like that never happened before…



haha!..oops…oh well, he got his answer and many more thoughts about 'im


we do tend to take over new threads I have noticed.
Either that or ignore em entirely…


well, every thread is that way…


I use to stay up but I hated it. Now I rely on good old Woot Notifier.

Boom shaka laka


My woot alert comes several minutes after 1:00 (est). What good is that for a bag of crap or a really good deal?


Your woot alert needs a woot alert . . .


The problem is you’re trying to take over the world.

That’s MY job.

Amatuers. Always getting blown up in suspicious auto accidents…


Yeah . . . and amateurs, too!!


Aftewr all, wuold-be tyrants cant be botherred to speel, kan thay?


Trew . . . I gyes.


mabee, mabee knot.


Sumtyms it duzzint madder.