Grumpy Bunny

Those whiskers say it all.

Hey cousin.

Congrats on the print mate!

Congrats on the print, kg07! A very bunny design. :slight_smile:

Is this how to get around a friend who insists on “No more cat shirts”???

Sorry he’s so grumpy, he’s quite adorable!!

Thanks for the big smile you’ve put on my face today with this print, Kg. Exquisite. This would make Beatrix Potter crack up! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

For the one milllion-nth time…

Ha! Thanks Yazmoq! I think they may be related. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys and thanks to woot for the print!

Too bad it’s not very original.
Looks like your re-do of official Grumpy Cat easter shirt from 2 years ago.

Nice colors, Easter but with a certain gloominess.

Just noticed there’s a ‘o’ in the by-line instead of a ‘0’ (zero). That prevents other shirts by kg07 from showing up. FYI

I think you need glasses. Looks fine to me. :wink:

I really need to be taking more screenshots.

You’re not crazy, acraigl. I saw your comment and fixed the error, but forgot to let you know. Sorry! :slight_smile:

That has yet to be fully verified. :slight_smile:

Agreed. (but thanks for catching that acraigl) :slight_smile: