Grundig G4 World Recorder FM/AM/Shortwave Portable Radio with MP3 and SD Player

End of the world gear, stock up!

doesn’t have SSB

Looks good for a camp radio, but… $50? ehh…

Charging to the Ni-Mh batteries (not included)…Really woot? Really?

Amazon reviews:

This think plays mini disks and transmits just the length of the songs to space? then what? …

Be happy. I paid $99 for this on woot like 6 months ago.

Course I have an HF transceiver now and don’t use it anymore. Hmph.

I’ve been looking for a small radio, but I want one that can pick up NOAA weather bands.

I’ve had my Grundig Yacht Boy 400 for nearly a decade without a problem. Solid radio without all the “modern” bells and whistles this Swiss Army Knife offers. I considered, but shall pass, even at a tempting price point. Too many bad reviews.

I got one of these last time they were on one of the Woots. I was expecting it to be just another gadget, eventually ending up the the shelf with all the others, but I ended up using it all the time as an MP3 alarm clock, waking me to Beethoven’s 5’th. It does that rather well and in that role the batteries last a long time between charges.

Pros: lots of functionality, decent MP3 player, good battery life.

Cons: complex to use (I have to refer to the manual frequently), not a great receiver - certainly not up the standard the “Grundig” name might lead you to expect.

Muafacturer web site, with PDF manual: [link][/link]

Based on the specs, the only thing this is lacking is a screen scrolling the song lyrics for you to sing lonely karaoke (“One is the loneliest number…”) as the world destroys itself around you.

I was thinking more like tailgating gear. Football season is right around the corner in a few months so this might be a nice item to add to the old tailgating supplies.

I’ve been looking for a shortwave radio for a while now but have always been put off by the prices of a lot of them.

Even though it’s not user friendly I’m confident I can wade through all the buttons on this little gizmo.

Passband to World Band Radio (the shortwave listeners’ bible) reviewed this unit a while back. Not the best reviews, you can do a lot better for just a little more money, but if you like the recording feature, this may be the radio for you.

$200 on Amazon:[link][/link]

Yup. No BFO = No Sale

The manual does not specify the recording format, but an online review says it records in mono .wav format. That implies you can get perhaps 12 hours or more recording time on a 2GB SD card (the largest size it will accept).

No, it will not accept SDHC cards, only regular SD (or MMC).

Would you really want to use a little gadget like this for CW or SSB amateur radio reception?

That sucks, and it kills the deal. I can’t believe that these firms make a shortwave receiver without a BFO or product detector (the ability to receive either CW (morse code; ok, rarely used any more) or SSB (single sideband … quite commonly used) transmissions. It’s not a big cost, and yet, it’s absence is a deal killer for a lot of buyers.