GSI 4×6 High Gloss Digital Photo Paper 10 Sheets - 3 Pack

Kind of lame, but cheap enough to disappear quickly.

8 1/2 x 11 please.

In for 3!!! …Not.

Awesome, paper!

Thanks woot, you know exactly what I want!

Alright! Paper! Now we’re rollin…

epic super poo

Weight: 49lb

That’s some heavy paper.

I’m in for 1!

F5 is a shortkey to refresh websites

I think that kid was part of a cult…
but she scars me.


in the tune of Waterworld… “It’s paper! PAPER!!!”

Really? paper?

That was quick

Bought these last time they came up. I’d buy more but I still have a lot left.

I think these were 5 for a buck on sellout a couple of days ago

Warranty? It’s PAPER!

Yay, my first woot-off that I actually know what is going on! Seems like a good deal, if only I had a printer…

… really, photo paper? I came in on the Roomba and that has been the best thing so far.

Now remember, everyone, this is DIGITAL photo paper, so don’t even think of printing any analog pictures on it!