Guard Dog 290 Lumen Flashlight

I swear, the world waits until I actually BUY a flashlight and then attacks me with better deals.

I just spent $25 shipped on a 130 Lumen with 3 settings. This one is more than twice as bright with more settings. And I even have a woot coupon so this one would actually be cheaper. Blarg.

That said, 4.5ish stars on Amazon (, $10 less here.

Has excellent reviews on Amazon, and is wonderfully flexible in battery options. 290 lumens is amazingly bright and it has adjustable brightness levels. I’m in for a few.

Almost half the price of Amazon and the reviews a glowing!

Okay, but ask yourself, how many times do you go for the flashlight and it isn’t where you thought it was.

Flashlights are like socks I think - you never really have enough of either.

I have too many flashlights already. But I don’t have too many rechargeable flashlights. How many flashlights do I actually need? I want this flashight. I must be some kind of flashlight freak.

Makes two of us. Can’t have too many flashlights. Enough flashlights, perhaps. But never too many.

I always use flash lights when I’m drunk and too lazy to turn on any lights in the house at 3 am. And I really also want this flashlight.

Dammit! You’ve convinced me. I’ve gonna buy ANOTHER flashlight.

Very good point, and I just noticed it’s rechargeable too. Friend of mine liked the flashlight I just bought, asked me to find one for him too. I think I just did.

In for 2 (one for myself). Definitely can’t hurt to have a rechargeable flashlight around the house.

Unfortunately so am I!

(P.S. woot, I technically posted the reviews first, the prior to just take you to the product page and the 1st one the link doesn’t work for me, it is blocked)

“Warranty: 1 Year Guard Dog”

Durn it. Can’t have pets here.

if i buy this for my husband, do u guy think he will like it?

They’re out of Sanford, Florida, if you need to contact them under the warranty:

This must be a close-out. They only offer a 240 Lumen version now:

Correction below:

Yes he will appreciate it very much. It’s an all around complete package and the flash light can be used for multiple situations. The flash light I carry every day is 180 lumens and is blinding bright. 290 lumens is crazy unnecessary bright but will put a smile on his face.

Yes, he will like it. But he will like it twice as much if you make him play “pin the tail on the donkey” first and then give the flashlight to him as his prize for “winning.”

Got 2!woot!

No, the 290 lumen TL-GDH290 is still listed. See

Also see the catalog page for the entire series of tactical flashlights. It’s listed there as well.

I don’t have a 4G smartphone so I can save money and buy flashlights. And I need this flashlight so I can find the ones I already have.

Oh this little light of mine. I’m going to…

This is probably a dumb question, but in a pinch, can I use a standard battery in this (e.g., AA or AAA)?

I see that it has a rechargeable battery, and I’m just afraid that if it sits in a drawer for 6-12 months, and there’s a blackout, the battery will be drained and I’ll be SOL.

It’d be good to know that I can use some standard alkalines if I have to.