Guard Dog Diablo II Tactical Flashlight + Stun Gun

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Guard Dog Diablo II Tactical Flashlight + Stun Gun
Price: $36.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Apr 11 to Wednesday, Apr 12) + transit
Condition: New


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Interesting tool but in my state with a valid permit one can conceal carry so my firearm trumps this thing.

only 320 lumen, could not even see the attacker with that brightness.

True, but not for $35 and you can carry a flashlight anywhere.

I don’t think tasers will work on zombies. You would stand a better chance using a Mag light that holds 6 D batteries and just beat them on the head.

And you might look funny throwing your flashlight at a range target. However, for survival, one might find it useful for fishing.

Your firearm is definitely the superior choice if you need lethal force and are prepared for the legal responsibility of serious injury or ending a life, but taser/flashlights have several distinct advantages;

  1. if the perp sees your drawn weapon, they may run off and return at a later date.

  2. if the weapon is still concealed, drawing it becomes an issue. An attacker can cover 20 feet in less time than most police officers can unholster and accurately fire a weapon, and most civi’s don’t receive nearly that level of training.

3)Even in my conceal carry state, if someone sees you skulking around your neighborhood with a drawn weapon, they’re likely brandish their own and/or call the cops. The flashlight doesn’t draw the same attention.

Is this allowed on airline carryon bags or will I have to check the bag?

Here’s a little list of “odd” things you can CHECK but good luck not getting it taken away if you try to stow it in your carryon. :wink:

Unless you are a sky-marshal and your taser is part of a sky-marshal kit or you are some disgruntled flight attendant (seems to be more of those lately) best not try to take one through security.

Here’s a longer list. Still, no tasers on your carryon… sorry.

And for what it’s worth, they took a P38 from my wallet the last time I flew (the last 3 months). Years of flying and all of sudden, my can opener is now a weapon, but a nail file is ok?

You’re, not your!

My girlfriend is a tiny woman who often walks alone in the big city. She also has poor night vision, so this is seemingly a perfect product for her. Unfortunately, the reviews on Amazon are suspect. It’s 3.5 stars, but the first few screens have an obvious pattern. Almost every good review is just one line with a title of “five stars”. Fishy. And almost all the others are one star with much more genuine sounding write-ups that can be summed up as “Piece of crap that doesn’t work”.

So good idea in theory, but sounds like it’s poor quality so no sale.

There, I fixed it.

Any flashlight with that fluted front that can be used to jam into someone’s jugular will be confiscated, so stash it in your checked baggage, you won’t get thru security with it on you. They got mine…

Same thing happened to me at the court house. had to put my P-38 back in the car. I told my buddy about it, and he said they were probably concerned that i was going to open a can of whoop @$$.

[QUOTE=tc1uscg, post:13, topic:679814]
There, I fixed it.


Not for nothing, but spelling is not the same as grammar.


[QUOTE=tc1uscg, post:16, topic:679814, post:13, topic:679814]
There, I fixed it.


Not for nothing, but spelling is not the same as grammar.[/quote]

Come on now, you’re and your are both words. The distinction in use is grammar. As a highly trained member of the grammar police community, I expected better.

Meaning: You are the grammar police (that) I see.
It makes no sense to me.

I don’t understand the “Shipping Restrictions Apply” Because they don’t at all. According to the tracking there is no adult signature required and the tracking shows it’s going to Michigan.

So what restrictions are we talking about woot?

Hmmmmm. Something didn’t get set right on the backend. Checking.