Guard Dog Proshield 2 Black Bulletproof Backpack

Sad, sad day for America when I actually give serious thought to buying one of these for my kids. :frowning:

lllA rating is pistol caliber shot from a pistol (hand gun.) My two sons have been using lllA “soft plates” as inserts in regular backpacks for several years. “Rifle” plates are solid metal (ridged) and HEAVY! Adults tire wearing them. Practically impossible for a child to utilize. Please understand that as good as these are, I wouldn’t want to endure being hit with a round while wearing one! The chance for significant injury is still a real possibility! Broken ribs, with lung injury, even organ injury from the impact is possible! And obviously protection is limited to area covered! Like most everything firearm related this is just a tool! It has limits! Hope this helps buyers understand what they’re getting.

Now that is one small bullet. Also you guys misspelled “millimeters”.

If I had this as a teen, you can betcha there would have been some “extreme testing” done on it.

I think some schools are going to the clear backpacks nowadays…I’ll have to check with my daughter to see what the Grands’ schools are doing.

Maybe I’ll just get them their own guns to take to school.

. Me too…whether it is school or a trip…but I am

That is completely misleading… yes a tool… poly insert will stop all but AP .30/06…and weight is minimal 1.6 pounds… Or less. Sadly American is not immune to this stupidity… we are however seeing less than the rest of the world… No I do not have “tire” from wearing it… and a broken rib is far more preferably to a GSW… at least to me…also steel is old and cheap… really cheap… like 60$… Poly or ceramic is a much more modern answer…any questions please let me know…

I want to reinforce what R70Runner is saying here. As with all soft protective equipment of this type, it is especially important to instruct whomever is using it to not have it in direct contact with their torso or head. If it receives an impact from a bullet (especially when the pack is empty) and is in direct contact with the body, the bullet may not pierce the fabric BUT the impact energy will still be transmitted to whatever it is touching. Ask anyone who has actually been shot while wearing a bullet-proof vest just what kind of bruise it leaves underneath the point of impact. Better than nothing? Absolutely Yes, but even better to keep a gap between you and the pack when using it as a shield in an emergency situation. Every little bit helps.

I agree that it’s sad times when we have to consider armor for our kids. After the Florida shooting I decided I was going to buy a body armor vest for my Kindergartener and 2nd grade kids just to keep in the classroom…not to wear and carry everyday (I recently retired from the Army and after multiple combat deployments, I know the benefits of body armor). I couldn’t find child size body armor available online (not a backpack but actual vest) so I decided to make them myself. My wife said I should offer this option to other people as well. I told her I didn’t want to give the appearance of trying to “profit” from a bad situation. She said “there will always be people out there that try to say things like that, but there would be more people who just appreciate you giving them the option.” So I made a website and offer them if anyone is interested. If you like the idea maybe help spread the word. Just google “Patriot Overwatch Body Armor” and you’ll find my info. My vests are level IV rated (up to 7.62 AP) and comes with a Department of Defense Lab Certification. Not trying to take away from this woot offer. I’m sure it’s ok for what it is. But if most places are getting shot up with rifles, wouldn’t you want something that is rated to stop a rifle round and not just handgun rounds?

OMG, I thought the very same thing!!!

Back when I was a student, we didn’t need a fancy backpack. We had school textbooks that were good enough for Level IIIa. Now with laptops and iPads, kids aren’t afforded the added protection and muscle building as we were given.

Its funny to me that states with uber strict gun laws have the most to say, California, Illinois and New York! Not much faith in the folks ya’ll put in office.

“Tested adn certified against .44 magnum and .9 milimeters”

point nine “milimeters”

So, darts?

You know, I hate to be “that guy” and I’m as big a fan of preparedness as anyone, but if you’re “seriously considering” buying something like this for your kids, do you also go to similar lengths to protect them from other extremely rare potential causes of death? Shark attacks, lightning strikes, etc? There are more children dying today from cancer than shootings, by a significant margin. If you’re willing to buy them a bulletproof backpack, I would hope you’re also enforcing a healthy diet and cutting out all the processed foods and sugar (mostly the sugar) that are likely to blame for the increases in childhood cancers. Because chances are it will get them before either a stray or targeted bullet will. Will they be required to take the backpack with them at all times? They’re more likely, though still extremely rare, to be shot outside of school than in it.

All of this.

.9 milimeters

Hahaha, those pesky .9mm rounds

Maybe they were thinking a bb gun of sort.

IF you want to add another layer of protection without too much weight, stick a k-30 or even a T-15 plate in one of the packs “pouches”. But truth be told, a pack like this with a laptop or some books will not be the same as if you were hit in the back with it being empty. I pulled the K30 out of my vest and it fit perfectly in my “swiss army” backpack. But I tote around a Dell Latitude E6420 XFR w/battery slice so I think I’d be good as long as they don’t aim for my ass or head.

This guy gets it.

Except he forgot one thing. 11 teens a day die from “Texting while driving” accidents. 11 might not seem like many but more die in a week then child related mass shootings so far in 2018. But do you think gun-law advocates want to go after legislation to restrict use much-less ownership of smart phones or technology that renders them useless except for emergencies while behind the wheel? So, while we are making sure little Billy is eating his apple on the way out the door, think about that smart phone he’s holding in his other hand as he heads out to be with friends.


Suicide is a far more likely cause of death which is low compared to unintentional injury. Also, those stats include gang banger teens shooting other teens. WAY less likely to get shot at school.

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