Guard Dog ProShield 2 Bulletproof Backpack

>>> … weighs only ounces more … <<<

Please add the actual weight to the post.

Amazon seller says weight is 4.4 lbs. Reviews say the pack is poorly made, rips easily. But if you want a ballistic shield for an existing pack this is still cheaper than those on Amazon.

Yup just tried to do some research and one thing is the panel is sewn in so you cant remove clean or inspect it. This is a backpack that will likely get kicked, tossed around, etc. you don’t want to wear out a ballistic panel from mishandling.

I would honestly just select a ballistic panel (that’s made in the USA) and insert that in the backpack of your choosing. The bright yellow Guard dog logo isn’t at all discrete and a curious cat can just google the logo. There’s various cuts(shapes) and types (soft armor, ceramic, steel). There is also a Wear Face much like a point-towards-enemy.
Protect it from liquids and punctures.

Also with all the crap students have to carry nowadays I don’t see anyone holding the backpack up like in the photo. Although all those books and a laptop would help with slowing down a bullet.