Guard Dog Proshield 2 Bulletproof Backpk

Nobody is saying responsible people can’t own guns. If you’re responsible and keep your gun/pool secure, then you have nothing to worry about.

All of my guns were purchased through licensed dealers. I’ve passed background checks. I have a conceal carry license. I have basic training in the safety and operation of my firearms. I keep my firearms secured to prevent criminals and curious children from getting their hands on them. It’s easy to do. You have no excuses if you’re a responsible gun owner. Common sense gun control does not mean banning guns. We can and should do better.

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There’s two tiers in the legal system. Poor people who will get harassed and jailed for not following tens of millions of regulations. And rich people who will commit violent felonies and receive probation.

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They sell “gun stuff” because there is an obvious market for it. If you don’t want “gun stuff” don’t buy it.


Maybe the government should offer free mandatory basic safety training for firearm owners. Maybe getting a “gun license” should be similar to obtaining your driver’s license. Regulations are necessary to keep the public safe. A minor inconvenience when we’re talking about access to deadly weapons. Responsible gun owners don’t mind doing their part.


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Whats your feeling on cell phones? Maybe Woot should scrap those ya think?

I love it when WOOT sells items such as these. Even those non-FCC approved hand helds that get the HAM ops all bent out of shape. Woot sells some cool stuff from time to time. My ONLY ■■■■■ is, I really don’t like the new format.

We need voting licenses, speaking licenses, and breeding licenses, then. After all, what’s a minor convenience when we’re talking about dangerous things?

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1% of heroin users are arrested every year. Laws are costly, ineffective, and come packaged with invasion of privacy. If we want to enforce prohibition, we need to repeal the 4th amendment and increase the already massive law enforcement, court, and prison systems.

If laws are actually enforced, every American would be in jail for life because of the number and vagueness of laws and the excessive penalties.

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Good Morning

There’s some good and interesting debates going on here. Appreciate that you are keeping it free of politics and personal attacks.

We really can be adults!

Maybe this adulting thing isn’t so hard after all!



I’m well aware. Just a friendly reminder. Carry on.

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Thanks. Seems civil today. But if I may be so bold as to add, maybe what we need to focus on are protections that protect people who don’t need firearms. Not pointing fingers but if we changed the HIPAA laws that allow back ground checks to access the part of ones medical info which is filed under MENTAL HEALTH, there would be a few people who get firearms that shouldn’t. But when HIPAA was passed back in the mid 90’s, back ground checks can’t/couldn’t filter out unstable people trying to buy a few dozen guns and thousands of rounds of ammo. Oh, and didn’t we see recently where 4 or 5 people were killed by a crossbow? Does one even need a background check before buying one of these? I almost got one form your site a few weeks ago. :slight_smile:

Easy there. We’re talking about owning/operating “tools” designed to kill. A single person can cause mass harm to the population using such a tool for the purpose it was designed for.
A single bad player casting a vote or giving a hate speech won’t have much impact on society as a whole. Although, we do need some regulations on people intentionally spreading fake news on massive scales through social media with the intent to cause trouble. That’s not cool.

It sounds like a good idea, but even people who commit violent crimes aren’t permanently banned from owning guns. It just requires a court order.

Mental health is very politicized. The DSM is always expanding for the same reason that education budgets already expand. And the DSM recognizes the fact that mental illnesses aren’t discrete diseases, but more like syndromes; therefore you can’t say that a person with a certain syndrome will necessarily have all symptoms. I use the courts instead of beating people when I have a dispute, yet I am sure that I would be restricted under these laws. And I wouldn’t obey them. So I would have to constantly live in fear of police and goofy people who want the police to hurt me for victimless crime.

If you want to temporarily restrict people who actually do violence, then no change in law is needed.

Technically you could create an algorithm to restrict people based on apparently likelihood of committing certain crimes (this is apparently used for determining parole in some jurisdictions). This would be the most extreme right wing form of government. An entire country that is a gulag.

Why apply it to guns and only guns though?

Certain crimes can get you banned from owning a gun for lif. Some states, Michigan for example, has made some changes but it appears 5 years AFTER you have done your time, paid your fines, etc… you can apply to own a firearm. And certain crimes, don’t even bother. But hey, why would a felon even bother to register a gun anyway? It’s NOT THAT HARD to buy a gun off the radar (that has no paper trail). Unlike google, where if I buy one of these back packs, it will show up in my “purchase history” LOL.

My pool is blocked by two layers of fencing (outer layer at the neighborhood level, inner layer between my back door and the pool), covered by two cameras with motion zones over the water, and a splash sensor to detect unexpected water displacement.

I haven’t yet added armed guards or automated turrets tho.

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I asked the gun shop if I could purchase a gun for a family member who has no government documents. They said yes. I asked them for help with the form, which I understand they are prohibited from. They helped.

It doesn’t seem like there’s a big difference between buying them at the shop or from Blacks. (The white guy behind Blacks Hardware).

Concrete actually. That’s what my neighbors had to do. Sad day when someone fills in an entire pool with concrete. Can’t even skateboard in the damn thing.

That happened