Guard Dog Security Flashlight Stun Guns

Electric chairs are 2000 volts. Are you sure this is 6 million?

Just wanna make sure my legal costs are covered if someone gets zapped like a bug.

I found it interesting that Guard Dog’s website says that stun guns are legal in Arizona, yet Woot says it can’t ship them here.

There’s legal and then there’s “legal”. Could be the wording of the law. Who knows. Our list is current though.

how many lumens is the light?

Approx 100 lumens.

Not sure how a safety cap is supposed to keep the kids safe here. It is just a cap right? Not a child proof cap or anything?

Got mine yesterday. It seems like very good quality for the price. Charged it up and it works fine - no idea how strong the stun is and hope I don’t ever find out.