Guard Dog Stun Gun Flashlights: Your Choice

Is the battery removable? To check these things in airline baggage, you have to be able to remover the power source. Lemme know…

Rechargeable battery is not removeable. Not without dissembling the flashlight with a set of tools anyway.

Would not recommend purchasing the smaller version - the SG-GD4000S Stealth 4000k Concealed Flashlight & Stun Gun. The flashlight function and the taser function are both turned on by the same power switch at the bottom, and the taser function is VERY EASILY ENGAGED BY ACCIDENT. I have shocked myself by accident before by carrying this flashlight in my pocket and sitting down in a chair brushed the button into the ON position and electrocuted my leg through my pants.
The larger version is sturdier, better designed, better safety features (separate power switches for flashlight & taser functions), and worth the additional cost if you’re looking to carry a taser flashlight. I have purchased and used both of these flashlights for several months and can attest to the functionality/features of each one.

Wtf woot? Michigan isn’t listed among the restricted shipping states on the item info page and then when I try to buy you tell me I can’t get one here? So can I have one of these or not? Tasers are legal here now (for those of us with cpl’s) how dare you dash my admittedly limited dreams?

It’s all in the wording. (as for the other states)…

Prohibited States/Counties/Cities for Stun Guns

The following STATES are ILLEGAL to own or possess a stun gun:
•Illinois – LEGAL but has restrictions – Illinois Stun Gun Laws
•Michigan – Stun Guns are prohibited. Only devices that contain an identification and tracking system that dispenses coded material when the device is used are allowed. TASER devices are the only ones currently legal.
•New Jersey
•New York
•Rhode Island
•District of Columbia

The following CITIES are ILLEGAL to own or possess a stun gun:
•Annapolis, MD
•Baltimore, MD
•Chicago, IL
•Philadelpia, PA

The following COUNTIES are ILLEGAL to own or possess a stun gun:
•Baltimore County, MD
•Crawford County, IA

Sorry for the confusion. I’ll ask our Sports team to look into it. However, just fyi, our legal team often errs on the side of caution, so I can’t make any promises.

Annnd after checking with the Sports Team we’ve updated the restricted list to include Michigan.

Sorry Michigan!

Apparently your system thinks Delaware is a suburb of Philadelphia or New Jersey, because I can’t order one either.

I can’t order either, says it can’t be shipped to PA. I’m in Malvern. From the link provided they seem to only be illegal in Philadelphia.

I’m not sure that updated list (on the product page) of restrictions for Maryland is accurate–you can have stun guns in MD, apart from Baltimore and Annapolis…

OK, so I do live in PA, but the restriction is for Philadelphia and the zip codes listed…all beginning with ‘19’ I live in Millville, 17846, so why can’t I order these? Kind of annoyed (being nice here)!

I would like to order one and have it sent to Scranton, PA where it is legal. But, won’t let me order one for anywhere in PA. Very disappointed.

I’m really sorry for the confusion. Our shipping restrictions are pretty conservative, but I am looking into the PA issue right now.

Thank you so much - greatly appreciate the assistance!

Any news?

Mom lives in Delaware, I just had it sent to her.

We were unable to add PA to the sale. I’m really sorry. Hopefully we’ll have more detailed shipping guides for future sales, but unfortunately we couldn’t get the specifics worked out for this one.

Got mine yesterday - after charging all night it seems to be working properly. I’m too chicken to try it on myself, but the sound it makes is enough to make you jump! Light is bright and hopefully I’ll never need the other function!