Guard Dog Type III Aluminum Pen,2 Colors

Since this pen uses ink instead of pepper spray, if I use this pen to write a defensive note will the manufacturer send me a free ink refill?

The picture and item description does not match the item number TP-GDE1000. This pen does not come with a light. If it had a light its code would be TP-GDL1000

This is FALSE advertisement. I bought the pen for it’s function as a pen & the reason that it has a light. The pen that arrived did not have any light at all. I would love to return the item but it will cost me more than the value I paid for the pen. Please stop deceiving people with your false advertisement.

Hey there, sorry to hear that your pen didn’t come with a light. If you haven’t already, please use the Support Form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. They should be able find a solution for you.

I also thought this had the light in it!!!

Is anyone surprised at the number of turns required to take the cap off? Makes it very difficult to use as a pen when so hard to get the cap off. “Hold on while I twist this cap 100 times to write down your information”. (slight exaggeration)