Guardline 1/4-Mile Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm

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Guardline 1/4-Mile Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm
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7/18/2018 - $99.99

I have a long driveway in the woods, would this work for bear detection?

How would you ensure the bears ONLY walk up the driveway?

A sign, of course!

“Pic-a-nicks basket this way -->”

I like the idea, but there are a few issues:

  1. Infrared may not detect objects colder than the ambient temperature

  2. Operating temperature only goes down to -4ºF? Is this only marketed south of the Mason-Dixon line?

You guys are crazy. They don’t “walk” anymore, they sit in their caves with a remote and fly in a drone to grab a basket.

Probably not. Your best bet is to get a system that works on the MURS radio frequency. It passes through walls/trees much better than this radio frequency on the advertised system.

I own a different model of this product and use it on a long driveway on my mountain property. It will detect any movement, from bears to cows to rabbits to coyotes to people and vehicles.

My dogs have keyed in on the sound of the alarm and it acts like a doorbell of sorts, despite being a couple of hundred feet down the driveway.

I will say I have shut it off on a handful of nights when there were small critters that seemed to want to play in the driveway. Not a big deal though.

I will probably buy a couple of these to put in other areas on my property to alert me of critters that visit.

Yes, in my experience it would send an alert for bear. Mine has gone off when critters as small as rabbits to as large as cows have wandered through. And it does not seem to matter how quickly or slowly they move - this device catches it all.

We have one of these for our 1/8 mile driveway. This is the longer range version, I believe I bought the short ranger. It works beautifully. It is dead simple to set up, and has lots of flexibility for adjusting its trip sensitivity and sensor field of view - mechanically. We haven’t had to change the batteries for about six months, either.

When we installed it, there was still snow on the ground, but I didn’t notice any degradation in performance in the cold. Occasionally, squirrels will use the sensor as a stepping stone for tree climbing, and change the angle, but that is thankfully rare.

The base unit has tons of features. You can change the chime and volume, of course. But you can also buy multiple sensors, assign each a unique chime, and be alerted to any perimeter trips. Most won’t need that level of protection.

What I like most about this is it does one job, and does it well. Some of my home automation doo-dads get wonky easily, and I am not an inveterate tinkerer, so being able to plug this thing in, hit a few buttons, and let it go without trouble for a year, is really worth the price alone.

Yes,you can adjust the sensitivity. Mine works great, not for bears, but for people.

You want the model with a detection descriminator switch:
1 - Squirrel
2 - Racoon
3 - Deer
4 - Bear
5 - Moose
6 - Mountain Lion

An IR detector triggers on the differential between what it sees from one microsecond to the next. Unless the object is perfectly insulated and appears neutral to the background, it will trigger the alarm - even in daylight.

where and at what cost can I purchase additional sensors?

Tell me why I would want to buy this unit when I can buy a “Chamberlain” model from Lowe’s for $44???

Same spec???

$55 cheaper…and Chamberlain is a name brand in garage doors…