Guardo-Men`s Boot

How to determine size

My size is 10.5. How do you choose?

Sizing guide on their website says that a 10.5 is about a 44.5 in these. So, if you are going to wear thick socks with them, a 45 seems like a good bet.
I wear a 10, but I want a bit more room on the sides especially with socks so I’m going with the 45.

what the blank is size 45

The Guardo’s are $74 on Amazon, but these are still a good price. The reviews aren’t that great. China manufacturing means hit or miss quality.

Hey there all! There’s a link to the sizing guide on the Specs tab. These are Euro sizes.

Yes the reviews on these shoes are horrendous.

Yup, I was in until I saw that. Pass.

But it says “Canada?”

Me too.