Gucci Sunglasses

Gucci-4241/S-0EYY ST (Blue) are on Amazon for $145.00, free shipping and RETURNS. I get top notch Customer Service with Amazon unlike my unanswered complaints to W00T when sent children sized shoes and ordered adult. Now I’m stuck with them after 2 emails and one message sent from my account on W00T with NO replies AS USUAL. :frowning:

Jeez, I’m sorry. I’ll poke CS for you.

The specs aren’t listed for: Gucci-3583/S-0LA2 DB and I’m looking for the size.

Can you link me to the ones you’re asking about?

Prices are good on these. I used to work for Sunglass Hut years ago and Gucci Sunglasses would START around $295.00 and go up to $495.00