Guess the Pokemon from Pokemon Go!

I didn’t want to bog down the other Pokemon thread with this.

So I’ve been playing Pokemon for about 10 months now. My son has played much longer and I resisted playing for a long time but now… well, I’m kinda addicted.

Thing is, I don’t know the names of many of the Pokemon nor can I remember some of the weirder ones. So I have my own names. I’d tell my son what I got by describing it and he’d struggle to figure out what I was talking about. It’s become a game now. Should be fun again when the new generation comes out soon. :w_happy2:

He’s since collected his favorites of these and gives this as a test on some of the chat forums he’s on. Results tend to be pretty hilarious.

If you want to play, here’s his list. I’ll put the correct answer in blur as people guess them.

  1. Circle Bear GUESSED Sentret by mbspell
  2. Moon Bear GUESSED Teddiursa by Froodyfrog
  3. Tiger Puppy GUESSED Growlithe by bsmith1
  4. Fire Woof GUESSED Arcanine by Froodyfrog
  5. Tree Weenie GUESSED Sudowoodo by pepper114
  6. Plant with Boxing Gloves GUESSED Roselia by mbspell
  7. Balloon Pony GUESSED Numel by sammydog01
  8. Barbitch GUESSED Barboach by Froodyfrog
  9. Lametoad GUESSED Lotad by mbspell
  10. Dalek GUESSED Giratina by sammydog01
  11. Indian Kitty GUESSED Sneasal by pepper114
  12. Stretchneck GUESSED Alola Exeggutor by mbspell
  13. Red Mosquito GUESSED Scizor by mbspell & Froodyfrog
  14. Green Mosquito GUESSED Scyther by mbspell & Froodyfrog
  15. Bell Bottoms GUESSED Blaziken by Froodyfrog
  16. Skeleton Puppy GUESSED Houndour by Froodyfrog
  17. Feather Spider GUESSED Anorith by sammydog01
  18. Tricycle Dinosaur GUESSED Electrike by sammydog01
  19. Onion Head GUESSED Meditite by mbspell
  20. Zizzywiggy GUESSED Zigzagoon by Froodyfrog

Bonus: (This one really stumped him. He had to ask others for help.) “That Blue Deer with Ribbons Coming out of his butt” GUESSED Suicune by mbspell

Have fun! Don’t ask me what type or generation they are. I have no freaking idea. LOL All I have is another list with the correct names from my son.

Jump to the end if you don’t want to see the guesses of others.


Somewhat NSFW


One post for each collection of answers, or can they be sporadic? Should we blur our guesses out?

Up to you. There’s no prize. Just for fun.

You don’t need to blur.


Can be Growlithe, Arcanine, Houndour, or Houndoom.



I want to say Vibrava


If not for the fact that I’m “working”, I’d name more.

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But we don’t know what Cubone looks like without the skull.

[TT: Nope.]

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[TT: Nope.]

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See above.

blue deer = suicune

[TT: YES! Good job!]

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I clearly need to revisit this later.

Since Go is not up to Gen VII, this can’t be Lurantis. Therefore, I’m going with Blaziken.

Also, it says “GUESSS” in the main post.

[TT: YES! Blaziken is correct]

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What’s the Pokémon’s weight?

They have weight.


[TT: YES! Nice work!]

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It technically could have also been Entei, but I am beginning to see a pattern with your naming convention, so clearly it’s not.

[TT: Yeah, not that one.]

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[TT: Sorry, not that one.]

Tree weenie = sudowoodoo

I call it turd leaf.

[TT: YES! I like your name too!]

Espeon. Although Persian would have been interesting.

[TT: Nope. Keep trying. ]

Petilil. (Although there are several possibilities.)

[TT: Nope, not that one.]

onion head = oddish
[TT: Nope]

I love oddish

circle bear = sentret
[TT: YES! I got so mad. I thought he was the baby of the big circle bear (whatever his name is) so I was collecting them to power him up. Son broke the news to me. So mad!]

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