Guess the Theme

Hopefully this is tougher than the last one. Hopefully.

The combination of the first letter of each shirt forms the word Tin hat! :smiley:

They nightmare a infinite hidden the.

(Worth a shot, right?)

I do not like you?

Tim Burton, nightmare before Christmas

All the artists names, have actual names in them?

They all include finding something?
IE: Finding yourself, finding the power to stand up, finding the alphabet, finding infinite, finding a message, finding the power to overcome an addiction?


The titles are all blue

Beat me to it, but this was going to be my guess.

That was my second guess

The 5 shirts and the apron all come from Spanish speaking countries.

Sesame Street? That’s what keeps flashing in my mind. Going with Occam’s razor here. The simplest answer tends to be true.

All deal with overcoming adversity and not giving up.

  1. Moby-Dick; or, The Whale (killing a whale)
  2. Debt crisis
  3. Atlas is punished to hold up the earth
  4. Overcoming the endlessness of Pi
  5. Figuring out the message
  6. Overcoming an addiction

This might be a stretch, but I am seeing a sort of theme resembling 6 of the 7 Deadly Sins.

They Call Me…Tim: Wrath (or Lust if you look at Dante’s Inferno)

Nightmare on Wall Street: Pride (fist)

A is for Atlas: Sloth (spiritual sloth for rejecting god in favor of other gods) or Envy (envying other gods)

Infinite Pi: Greed

Hidden Message Day: Wrath or Pride

The Binge: Gluttony

Just a guess!

First I tried to make them all pyramid based, then I Googled them, now I’m going with maze or labyrinth containing or related and/or you can play connect the dots with elements as the wizard did with fire.

And good night.

What does this even mean?

So far no to all guesses. Good luck, this could be a tough one.

  1. the shirts have fire, cookie monster was fired

  2. there are covered\hidden eyes"i"s

Ok, going for the easy one now, my next guess is that there is no connection between them at all!