Guiding Crap

Using the “buy first, ask questions later, regret in a week or two when the crap shows up” method here-- is there anything special to a Crap on home.woot? Will it specifically be crap from this Woot, or is this just a hidden Crap that’ll be just as Crappy as any other Crap?

I already bought, so just trying to figure out what level of disappointment to prepare for.

Pretty much always the same ol’ crap. We build ahead so it’s hard to do themes. I tried ithemes for a while. Didn’t work very well.

And as always… disappointment and depression.

Wow, if I could get one, a lot of people must be asleep now.

Well surprise, this should be my second BOC in all this time here I think. Musta got close to one of the last ones.
Hope I get something semi cool or useful this time around as I accidentally came in here just before hitting the rack and found this still up.
Maybe somebody will get lucky and get something HUGE like occasionally happens just to spice things up.

Whoohoo! The kid and I both got one!

We’re gonna be talking over here in World of Woot!!